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Now in modern times all over the world gayness is being considered normal by the scientific communities and the other wisemen of society.

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It's okey nishaun....You can't do other things just one night only...As they said, "there is no such miracle overnight"...Just keep on sharing them God's words because by His words He'll change lives. Those who know the Saviour will gladly testify His grace. How He brought conviction right the very hour they will meet Christ. It may have been a still small voice but they will still hear the Master's call. And that for sure, like what Jim did, they will surrender their lives to Him.

Truly, God's power cannot be denied. Those who have lost may find salvation again if they will go back to Him...Keep burning your light Nishaun...
I see this issue dividing the church. Just look at the SDAs out in California.

Some want to bash the gays.

The rest just believe they are sinners like all of us.

This is the division.
That's so sad. We only have to remember that there's only one judge, and that's GOD. Let judgement be put in His hands not on us. It's even not good to ridicule people.

Maybe in California, SDAs there have different orientation on how to treat their fellow adventists who are being discriminated and that they really needed help. How could they help change those homosexual people if they'll keep them pushing away...It's not the right thing that GOd wanted them to do...
Or perhaps, let's keep on praying for those snob brethren...hehehee...May the good Lord touch their hearts...
Gabriel, I live in California but have lived in many other places including Europe, AZ, TN, CO, and Washington. I've also hitch-hiked from coast to coast and frequently visit relatives in Mexico. I don't find that people here are any more snobbish than elsewhere in the US. That may be something you're getting from mass media but it isn't the way people actually are here.
Thanks Jim for your anecdotal experience. I suppose it is as valuable as Gabe's.
Thanks for the reference Gabe. Now there are two against California ... you and Alica. And there is only one against ... Jim. That is unless he can come up with a reference as you have.
They do have good lookin' blondes in that state. But I don't have a reference for that.
Gabriel I can see some alarming behavior, you have this desire for women which makes me afraid!

And It Shall Come to Pass
I am not afraid for Gabe. He is well grounded. I think it is normal hormones. I have faith in him.
You seek out companies of ladies to hang out with them, and now you are single.

You must be a Goliath in hormone control if you can hang out with women freely and not get tempted. But I'm afraid!

And It Shall Come to Pass
Joseph ... I am now really concerned with you. I think it is you that we should fear. For some reason you think that Gabe is not able to seek out the company of women and remain faithful to God. Why not? Apparently you would have difficulty with this? If we are IN Christ ... we will be pure. No reason to avoid contact with the opposite gender.

I pray that you too will some day be able to hang out with women. Try it ... you will like it.


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