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How do you view the third sex group in relation with salvation and other religious matters. Do they matter?

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There is no third sex group, God only made 2. 

hello there Teresa... ahehehe I'm sorry if my words were not clear.


Let's just simplify the statement. Male and Female I guess. I just qouted THE THIRD SEX GROUP from the usual layman's term I often hear and I what I mean by that are Gays, Lesbians and Transgenders. I beg your pardon if sometimes I get unclear ahehehehehe.


I hope I helped you there


God Bless You!

People here have suggested (wrongly) that I hate homosexuals, this is not the case, like just about everybody these days I have to interact with gays on an almost daily basis.

What we are discussing here is not individuals, we are supposedly discussing how God views the continuing practice of homosexuality, that is the group of people who are out and proud so to speak and have no intention of repenting of something that they do not regard as sin.

No matter how much you try to twist the word of God it cannot be denied that homosexuality is a sin and as God hates all sin, God also hates homosexuality.

I personally accept that we are all different and we all have our own weaknesses and we all have sin that is in need of repentance, it is when we continually deny this that we reject the indwelling Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Our God is a true and loving God who is forgiving, but to receive the gift of grace do we not have to turn to Him and in the process turn our backs to the sins that have strongholds over us?

Paul makes it clear that there is none without sin, but it is made even clearer that continuing in Sin will not be tolerated.



Your true intentions are noted.

lets be clear here,david done some things that according to the law would not enter the kingdom,but Christ read his sincere heart of confession and david had to suffer which we know he did,but let this be said ,let us be sincere in all what we say and do.for we do not want to bring Christ down,when i done wrong i prayed sincerely to my Lord,and yes he knows my heart.what about solomon 1000 i leave judgement to where i know it will  be sincerely judged,with the almighty, God knows all and he reads you and let us tread carefully and not judge these people but pray for them.

As far as salvation goes - it's not how much you know - but WHO you know.

It's not what you do but what JESUS did.


thats why there will be lots of gays in heaven



There will not be gays in heaven. Neither will there be murders, or adulters. The point is that before anyone gets to the kingdom they will have overcome, even as Christ overcame.
All sin.

u dont even know all your sins your hiding


Oh dear God, I don't understand why you are doing the very thing you accuse others of doing.


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