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2 years late and post poned twice. In this curent political invironment I assure you there won't be enough deligates (let alone even permission) for this 3rd attempt June 6-11, 2022. Who in there right mind thinks things will be better then?

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How many delegates do you need? Here in Australia borders are closed to June and who knows what it will look like then anyway as the whole of our population is not been vaccinated until October and that I believe is an optimistic view.


We are open in many of the states, so with the vaccine given out by summer, everyone will be fine. At least that is what the news is now saying, seems all it needed was a little change, and now its all good and beautiful in America....

Yes great for America. What about countries that have not even got any vaccine, how would it be possible for them to travel? Let alone if there are any flights?  

Everything should open by May, the vaccine will be widespread by then, and the panic subsided.

Yes, you are nailing it... from the vey little morale from the G.C. and too much of the secular and government involvement gong on, there is way more action and evangelism happening with serious law abiding, Spirit of Prophecy followers of small S.D.A. ministries who don't apply for government money!


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