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With the Election of BO as the first Black President of USA is the SDA church now ready to elect it's first Black General Conference President?

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True words my brother. Much prayer is needed indeed.

Bless up!
Not sure what this has to do with the Holy Spirit electing a President for this church.
The Holy Spirit is color blind. I know this. So, let's not try to bring up race as a factor.
I will try to keep up. But I am sure that I am not as fast as you are. God bless you friend. Hope you have a better day. I will be praying for you.
Because the Truth must be spoken. You can choose to accept it ... or you can reject the Truth. The choice is yours.

My Brother,

The Holy Spirit is not color blind. Don't be confused. He known the climate.

I'm a white guy who agrees completely with both Bobby and Matthew. I don't like thinking in terms of color and race, especially when it comes to my fellow-Adventists.

In heaven and on the new earth, there won't be any of that at all. We'll all be the same color anyway.

Sure, there have been great problems before, and there no doubt still are problems, but how can we ever get past them, if we keep accusing others. Let's forgive and love each other and move on.

Healing of all kinds of sins, including prejudice and racism, comes in an atmosphere of love and forgiveness.
I am with you Jim. Good comments. The less personal attacks the better. We can agree to disagree without personal attacks. If you disagree that the Holy Spirit is color blind ... just stand up and say so. But lets not make it personal.

The guilty should asked for forgiveness and not assume its the duty of the hurt, downtrodden, mistreated and disrespected.


Healing and forgiveness comes with confession and forsaking the wrong acts. 

When we don't forgive, its like drinking poison waiting to die,, Forgiveness= Freedon so set yourself FREE
We all agree that the President of the General Conference is chosen under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and that the color of his skin is not an issue. We all believe that God will appoint a President that is best for the Church.

But that doesn't mean that we should close our eyes for reality. We live in a multicultural world with large walls between groups of different etnical and religious background. It is our duty to avoid that these prejudices enter our church.

Race does matter and we should use it to contribute to the growth and diversity of our church.

When black people start attending white churches, usually the whites moved out. Sad to say it did happen to our church (Holland for example has an African church, two Antillian Churches, a Surinamese church, mix black and white churches and white churches) I believe that this has more to do with culture than with racism.

People feel more comfortable arround people from their own race. I live in a multi cultural country and as adventists we are aware that if we want to reach people from other etnical backgrounds we need to use members with the same background to reach their own people.

Some (non-adventist) blacks will not attend a church with a white pastor, since blacks have been colonized by whites. As a church you should be aware of this fact and avoid starting churches in black communities with a white pastor not because of racism, but to attract those prejudiced blacks.

Should we elect a black GC president. Yes, as long as this will contribute to the growth of our church where all races feel at home.
Do you think that if God desired to place a black president that there will be one? In olden times there was no doubt about what God desired as it related to a particular situation. There were systems in place to help dissolve doubt.

Today I wonder what is the equivalent to that.



YOur last comment:

"Should we elect a black GC president. Yes, as long as this will contribute to the growth of our church where all races feel at home."

Is not really a correct one.  How about substituting that for this one?

Should we elect a black GC President?  Yes, as long as the Holy Spirit leads in this direction."


Maranatha :)


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