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With the Election of BO as the first Black President of USA is the SDA church now ready to elect it's first Black General Conference President?

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I think that with all the comments that I have read so far, I must agree that 1 yes there is prejudice in this world and 2 those in the world get baptize and come into the church with their views and beliefs. The Holy Spirit works on their heart and as they are drawn to him the let go of those traits. But not all people get baptize because they love Jesus and want to follow Him. Some are Adventist, even holding high position, because of what they can get out of this deal. We must never let reality run from us, or we run from it but the point I was making is that when u live in a country where most people are black (colored) it doesn’t matter if the president is green gold or blue u just see him as the president.
Point taken sister Grace.
It is no secret that racism is prevalent in America. It is also no secret that racism exists inside our very own SDA church. I have lived it personally; members of my family have lived it, and to ignore its deleterious impact would be gullible. However, one thing I would like to point out is, in heaven, there will not be the “colored” corner or the “whites only” corner. Race will not matter, at least not to the point where it creates division, because there will not be division in heaven. The ground is leveled there; we all stand at the same level. And frankly, if we want to go there, we need to start looking past race here.

Our country has a long history of race friction. We cannot change that. But as Adventists it behooves us to shift our attention toward what is most important: pursue righteousness; make disciples for Christ. Yes, we should strive for racial equality. But at what price? Electing a conference president should be done under the influence of the Holy Spirit. But does that mean there will not be some who would contest the election of certain individuals because of race or gender? Certainly not. But so what? If God has called that individual and wants him/her for the job no one can deter Him. Bickering about race relations will yield no lasting benefit. What matters at the end is the relationship we have with Christ, and no one who despises a brother or sister that he can see can ever love a God whom he has never met. Black, white or otherwise.

Just my two cents…

Sound like you have some issues ....
Now why would you say he has issues?
I think he summed up the whole issue perfectly. We keep fighting here about color when as christians color should not be an issue for us. God created us all. And He never said that any race is superior to the other. Racism came about because of slavery and it still keeps colored folks down to this day. Not just in the USA, but Europe also and even between our own colored folks. They been so blinded by it that they even fight each other instead of supporting each other.
If a colored person is chosen by God to finish His work, so let it be. God has His plans and He knows what He is doing and who are we to question Him? Remember God doesn't need us to get His work done. He can do it all alone. We just need to dedicate our hearts to Him and let Him do the work in us so we can be instruments for Him.
As for Obama, God put him there also. Let us not forget that. God is in control, even in the politics in the USA. God is putting His plan together and if Obama is the one He chose to fulfill that plan, so let it be.
Our concern should be that we are ready for when He bursts the clouds and not worrying about blacks and whites. This is all petty stuff and the devils plan to take our eyes off of Jesus and our souls' salvation. So please brethren let us fix our eyes on the prize, which is heaven and heaven only.
Hi Sister. You said "Our concern should be that we are ready for when He bursts the clouds"

But this is the problem that I see with so many. They are looking to some future event when we need to be ready NOW. Not when he "bursts the clouds". Looking to the Second Coming is just an excuse to postpone what we need to do NOW.
Well 4Him, when I said our concern should be that we are ready to meet Him when He burst the clouds, I did not expect anyone to think that I meant thats the time they should be ready. I was referring to the fact that we should be ready to meet our Savior in general, not just for an event. We should be ready everyday. Who says tomorrow is promised to us?
The Great Controversy theme. Sin must be shown to be sin and the work of Satan.
When leadership is determined by God, the color of the leader is not an issue. It is possible for more blacks to be GC President if God chooses.



It was with great saddness that I noticed your post.  What I am going to say must not be taken as either political or racist.  I have had close friends who are Afro-American, I have close friends today who are from India, and over the years I have had other Asian, South American, Chinese etc. friends.  Currently a lady from the Phillipines is the wife of my closest friend.  So, I am not in any way referring to any kind of racial issue.


I would also invite the race issue to be removed from any discussion of a General Conference President.  For a number of reasons.

  1. God should be the one who determines who is in that office, not any race, nationality, or political ties. To suggest that someone should be president becasue of their race, including the caucasian race, is to presume to tell God who should be in that office.
  2. Church offices have become far too politicized as it is.  Please, let's not push that agenda.  E.g. It use to be that a preachers kid or a doctor's kid can become a pastor with the only qualification being who his parents were.  Now it almost seems like it has swung the other way that the less education a person has, the more likely they are to be called as a minister.  We need to stop these swings and come back to the center where God has instructed us to be.
  3. The same argument, or at least motive behind the argument is what brought women in to ordained positions.  All when God said that if that happened, He would destroy them.
  4. Often the idea of equality is raised.  E.g. if a white can be president, why not a black?  When that argument is advance, on any level, it is advocating the same argument that Satan used in Heaven and in Eden.  God does not deal with equality, God deals with giving gifts to His people and He expects them to use the gift in service and not worry about the position or honor that comes with it.

In my family, I have relatives who have been in these high offices.  GC president, Division President, and the list goes on.  However, none of these were put there becasue of the color of their skin.  They were placed there by God's leading and their dedication to serving God.  I'm sure that there are blacks who are also as dedicated to serving God.  And if it is God's will that they be installed as such, then it must be God's leading not human policital presure groups who effect that.  For, in fact, human presure groups have been the cause of some very dedicated men being run out of office and the church, becasue they dared stand up against what was not clearly biblical.

Happy Sabbath!

Maranatha :)




From an american black mans view


What has this got to do with my salvation?


Diddly scwatt....nadda.......


I am reading this book about "the shaking among God's people", and I ran across this paragraph.

The world-loving and compromising


The Bible says of the northern kingdom of Israel, "Ephraim is joined to idols: let him alone".  Hosea 4:17

Idolatry was the great sin of Ephraim because he failed to appreciate the sacred things of God.  He spent his energy and talents in the pursuit of wealth and fame (things).


The children of Ephraim still inhabit the church.  Their dress and conversation reflects that of the world around them.  They find their entertainment in watching the same popular television programs that entertain everbody else, and they enjoy association with unbelievers more than fellowship with the saints of God. 

Point: What has this got to do with my salvation? Nothing!

Have a good day people!


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