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i have shared what God is doing for me and not alot of comments followed so i wil l put this respected guy up!

has abundant resources and a call in radio christian counseling show

and podcast

for all issues that face families and church

its a safe place!

where u can be you

and not hide



if only church can be that for each other

then the THREE ANGELS Message will goforth and JESUS can FINALLY come back and get us OUTA HERE!

 GOd bless u all


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@ Man Flower Glow Plush Toy Thanks for posting this powerful testimony. Speaks volumes to the power of small group ministry! I am curious to hear your story of what God is doing for you! I am sort of new here and haven't knowingly come across it.

Praise be to God!

 growing up gay in a church like mine was so horrible

i grew up with such a distorted picture of GOD

i believed to my innermost bare core that GOD hated me and it was my duty to pray and read the bible and keep the sabbath and not eat pork just for GOD to barely tolerate my existance

when you have family and church hating on u -u would do anything to escape reality

porn and food and tv and people -anything

to not look at yourself

just to exist without the world pressing u down

denying my homosexuality was one way

pretend an alternative

to fake it

to live a lie

GOD chased after me

trying to get me to see HIM as HE really Is!

He loves me!

really  really loves me!

as i am today

yesterday as a teen who tried to off myself

and tomorrow

He loves me NOW!

as I am

where ever i am!

desires me

to be alone with His thoughts towards me

and not chase escape mechinisms

to be still and Know HE is GOD!

it takes forever to let it seep in

Thanks for sharing! You don't know how much your story has spoken to me :) All I need is the courage to face what I am going through at this time. It is always great to realise just how Great God Really Is!

I hope I may have an opportunity to learn more about you and your experience. God Bless!

It is true he heals them let us no forget that we are being warned in this lesson about how God feels about sex if its not done in a way that brings glory to Him

Newton Thamsanqa Sibanda


how can we forget!

did u forget to watch the video ?

 thats the opening thing here

u sure people here forgot this so soon?

so therefore u must remind us?

tell us about your journey

your failures and successes

we wont forget that :)

(dont stand so far away next time u post here)

last sabbath -my minister told us that 61% of christian men struggle with internet pornography

thats 6 out of 10 christian men

maybe one reason why crickets are chirping when i start a Thread of this nature in the past

but u also can share your failings too for support and prayer to find non condemnation amist the rubble

 God bless u men!




this thread is about sex addiction ^ ( GOD HEALS SEX ADDICTS a testimony )

please watch both videos !!!!

so u dont have to ask  at all


my minister dont like to be challenged on his sermons

 HAVING BEEN IN TRANSPARENT FELLOWSHIP WITH MANY MEN IN THE PAST -i thought the statistics were higher myself

God created humans to have contact

to be in each others presence

to look into each others eyes

to hold each other

and its even more so for Christians

the desire for authenticity


to see each other as we really are

with JESUS and  what HE did for us 2000 years ago as our firm and true foundation

if being real and true with each other is the rule and not the exception here

and not trying to hold onto a good reputation as paramount

but admitting we are beggars pointing the WAY for other beggars with no condemnation but identifying with each other...

we will finally be a church that Will usher in the KINGDOM

 God bless u all

 i think its more about discomfort and control issues than about sex

so maybe

just maybe dont clik on the topic that easily offends u

i avoid many topics i am not interested in

im sure u can too


i sent u a friend request Brother


thanku my Brother

You keep sharing these great testimonies MFG, you are helping so many who wouldn't dare post on these threads for fear of condemnation and I don’t blame them. You are really helping people good for you!



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