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I am thankful that God is an on-time God. He has never failed me and He is right on-time. I am thankful for being alive, being in good health and knowing that God is my father and my friend. I am grateful to God for a new day that He has grant me and new opportunities, even to ask for His forgiveness.

We all have something to be thankful for God has been so good to us, let us not complain but share his blessings so that others can be blessed and uplifted.

Please share what you are thankful for so that we can encourage someone who is feeling downtrodden or hopeless. God bless you!!

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Its been my pleasure to have the company of a young man from my moms nieghborhood come with me to church each week. He being even more faithful than I! Riding his bike when I couldnt be there. Its been some months now. He is to be baptized tomorrow!


Its gonna be a great Sabbath! Also, my aunt has decided to be rebaptized, as well.. So it is to be quite a day indeed!!  And I am also, like the poster, So thankful for God's PERFECT timing! He has proved mine wrong so many times!! And I have NEVER been sorry about that!   :)


Thank you very much for the reminder to just be grateful and thankful, AND joyful!!   8D

amen amen amen

and amen!


im not worthy

Man Flower Glow - You are worthy, you were wonderfully grafted and made by almighty God. You are special. We are all sinful beings but guess what, God loves us in-spite of our filthy rags. Remember God is the potter and you are the clay so He is still working on you, please allow Him, you will be blessed because He is God. God is good and He loves you as you are, be blessed and you are in the family of God, always remember that.

My view only:  when you next see a worthy person on earth who deserves salvation on their own merits, then you will know that the thousand years have passed and Jesus' feet have just touched down on the mount of Olives.  Until then, any person you see is not worthy either including me.  Jesus' blood is what covers us but even with that, we don't deserve heaven, it is a gift, not a reward for being good.  Somehow we need to remember that we aren't worthy in the sense of earning salvation but worthy just because we are children of God.  Sort of like a baby who is valued not for what they can do but for who they are.

all i can do is praise GOD


Deborah, to God be the glory, I am happy for all those who will be getting baptized (angels in heaven will be rejoicing). Thank you for being faithful (even if you think you are not faithful enough), God rewards us for the little we do as well, so stay strong and keep doing your thing (practice makes perfect), you will get better if you continue. Thank you for sharing and God bless you!

Thankful for my kids, both mine and those I've met thru the years.  That the love showa me God has a plan and a need for me.  something I can do for God.  Thankful for animals and their acceptance showing me that God also loves and accepts me.  Not thankful for fleas though - haven't figured out their purpose!  Thankful for air and light and water - those necessities that I forget are important but that God never forgets to give me.

Thankful for a home and for all the little "luxeries" like running water and heat and AC and beds and all the extras we enjoy here in the US.  And that were missing sometimes or hard to get growing up.  Thankful for the extra time God is giving this world for a few more to come to Him.  And thankful for the friends I'm making here that give me a connection to the church.


Dorothy, I am thankful that you make the time to respond and share your blessing with us. God bless you and I am thankful for you and pray that God continue to keep you and your family under His wings. God bless you!

Right this moment, I'm thankful for the rain!  While it really makes the pain worse, it is also watering my few garden plants that I've hurt too much to water the last few weeks.  So God has been doing the watering for me while I was out of town and while I was sick and now while I am in pain.  Plus someday that rain will trickle down thru the soil and give me water in my well.  Plus it is washing away the last of the pollen that was making me sick so now maybe I can go outside again.  Thank you God for the rain!

Hello everyone and Happy Sabbath! Its nice to read all your comments and how God has been blessing all of us.

I have so many things I am thankful God for: good health in all my 26 years Ive never been confined in a hospital, a nice little cozy place i could stay in and for providing me with stuff I need. I also thank God for not leaving me despite the fact that I grew up with a father and friends who are nonbelievers...Its not easy the temptation is everywhere but Im standing firm... and right now, I am so much thankful that He gave me my future lifetime partner which I met here on AO a year ago and we are tying the knot soon! I couldn't find the words of how thankful I am to Him. All those years of waiting and praying for an Adventist man is really worth it! :)

So to all those singles out there: never stop praying for the Lord knows whats in our hearts and He knows best. :)

God bless you all and Happy Sabbath!

Dear Father, I am grateful for all that you have done and still doing in my life. I thank you for my family, my brothers and sisters both at home and on The Net. Lord Jesus, you are my refuge and my strength, I rely on you for all that I do. Continue to fill me with the zeal to do your will.  Thank you for being there for me whenever I call.  I always know that you give me whatever I ask that is why I come to you at this moment asking you to recreate in me your own spirit so that whatever I think, say or do should be to the glory of your Holy Name. Amen...:)

I'm thankful that He pulled me out of the gutter where I was selling weed and gave me Biblical truth... When I wouldn't come to Him He came to me... :0)


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