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I am thankful that God is an on-time God. He has never failed me and He is right on-time. I am thankful for being alive, being in good health and knowing that God is my father and my friend. I am grateful to God for a new day that He has grant me and new opportunities, even to ask for His forgiveness.

We all have something to be thankful for God has been so good to us, let us not complain but share his blessings so that others can be blessed and uplifted.

Please share what you are thankful for so that we can encourage someone who is feeling downtrodden or hopeless. God bless you!!

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yea i have reason to be thankful. for one i serve a God who can take the impossible and make it possible.

I am thankful to Him and will always do. I am a convert. I have got the opportunity to learn the bible since my early childhood.

I got baptised and finally integrated church. I have part of the sda family and feel so proud to serve my Lord. I am happy and thankful for not having to enter the labyrinth. I have been able to got straight forward to the only church. The chruch of the rest before the second coming of Jesus. He knocked my door and I have opened to Him and sealed. All I prayed now is to remain faithful to Him. I am thankful that He has answered my prayers. I got a job that got my sabbath off. I am also thankful that He has given me my job as I have always desired serve Him while working for the cause of the children.

I am also thankful to Him for having given us this site so that we are united together to serve Him to share others bible knowledge and more. I am thankful to meet all my foreign friends who share the same faith before we meet in heaven soon.

I am thankful that I got a friend like YOU!! MFG God bless you.

I sincerely prayed that very soon we meet in heaven.  


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