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God is good and we should be thankful every moment we can that we have life and the promises of God because Jesus knows what we need before we ask.  And if we give thanks for what we have received even the bad things that matters a lot.


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Jg 20:16 Among all this people there were seven hundred chosen men lefthanded ; every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss "chata'".

.. at an hair breadth, and not sin .. Here is the Bible definition for "chata" the missing of the mark.. Thus "chata" is about "missing". We are missing the "Strong" "basket of good things" "outside". Have a look at the word "basket" in Hebrew.

Here is the Hebrew word "towb" "good" or "functional" It means the "basket covering of things""secure" in the "home".

Thus the idea of "missing" with "chata" is we are missing out from the good things of Jesus. His power, His love, His home, His companionship and his relationship. This is what "chata" means. A relationship good things is what we are missing out on. Not objects of rules broken, here and there. Such a narrow definition is not defined in Scripture at all.

Thus "chata" is a relationship principle, meaning the good things we are missing by our sinning. See a study of sinning See the SOP idea of sinning

Missing out on the GOOD things of GOD is important, and this is called missing, or sin....

U Ancient Hebrew pictograph is a picture of a basket, meaning "covering"basket with good things in mind.

A fascinating letter in Hebrew....



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