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Question: If God came to you today and said, just follow Me (i.e. God) how many would do as requested, or would you just disobey him and continue to follow Ellen G White?

This is a bother to me, because I feel many of our members hold Mrs. White to a higher standard than they hold God and this is not pleasing to Him.

Come on people. Let's get it right.

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I would not go so far as to equate Ellen White to God.

In your OP you are insinuating that to obey the counsels given by the HS through Ellen White is to disobey God. Nothing can be further from the truth.

You said many hold Ellen White, who is so dead and gone, to a higher or more exalted position than the Almighty God? Are you serious?

You are saying one thing but I am hearing something else.
Ask God to forgive you...


Since you have indicated often that you believe that Ellen Whites words are commensurate with the word of God, then essentially it is exactly what you are doing.


Exactly Herbert! I often get attacked by quoting scripture or a principle from scripture, by the very same people who hold SDA and Ellen White doctrine and writings, and practice above the Word of God rightly divided. Glad you In Need that you had the courage to post this important topic and question!

Jason you are trying your best to twist my words.  My question was specific, and to me clear.  Sorry it appears you have a problem with comprehension.

If God came to you today and told you just follow Him, no longer a need to read or study Ellen White, how many of you would do so?

I am serious about that.  I read one post here, if God was alive when Ellen White was alive she would have told God not to allow the people to eat meat.     In other words, God doesn't know what is best for his children.  If God could prophesy or foretell the last days I am sure he knew what foods we could eat.

Meat is bad for your health and everyone knows this now. God don't have to tell you so in this day and age. Just recently the WHO said the thing causes cancer.

Sounds like you need to repent.  Are you calling God a liar?   He told us we can eat it.  Remember, the unfortunate thing is vegetarians get cancer too.     

Jason, remember if God said it, that settles it as a famous Pastor once said.    I have decided to follow God not men, how about you?  You just proved the point, putting men above God.  

Back to the question please.

Are you saying that you will continue to eat meat though it causes cancer?

No sense responding to this.  Leon is right.  You cant understand it.

So sister help me understand. Where is the Christian love? Why do you think I am asking these questions?

So this is your contention?

Jason, I have love for you.  But some times to love someone is to walk away.   It serves us no purpose to go back and forth.   If God is in it, all things are made new, and I will let Him do the rest.  

Will continue to pray for everyone

Hi Jason. Blessings!

I believe the message Mrs White and a lot of scientific study shows and of course, the word of God also shows is that we should not put anything which causes harm into our bodies because we are the temple of God.

Now as you and I know, animal meat is subject to a lot of chemicals, artificial fertilizers and pesticides which permeates into the flesh ,meats of the animals that man consumes; Even those which God did originally give as meat for food.

The Problem with all this is even though the cow or sheep is a part of the list God has shown as clean these meats can actually be infiltrated with toxins and chemicals that cause harm to the body and good health. How do we detoxify their meats to be suitable for Good health and respect to the temple we are when we belong to God? This is the hard part it is most impossible to do when the toxins are already there. Without mentioning the elevation of hormones in a beast (animal) which is slaughtered today in modern methods.

So I believe Mrs White has an insight towards what harm would be brought by satan's deception where by meats would present as less suitable to be consumed unless they were grown organically without these chemical interferences.

I do not see Mrs White making any distinction between organic and non organic as example, But I suspect that even God would want people to use what wisdom they were given through the Holy Spirit, to decipher for themselves what is true. They must ask for that wisdom and be willing to comprehend. Needless to say that everyone is on their path to Christ or from Him depending on their own choices.

For any who desire to avoid illness it to me would make common sense to avoid all things that cause harm to the Body out of respect to God who knows us better than we can ever do.

Eating too much meat, (more than about 10% of the total diet) can cause cancer cells to switch on and become active. The problem here is most diets consume much more meat than that, some as much as 50% or higher.
I understand what you are trying to put across, Mrs White is not contradicting God, she has just expanded on what is applicable more so in the modern age.

God didn't tell us to not use microwave ovens etc, yet the proof is out there that Microwave ovens destroy the cellular structure of food and this encourages cancer cells to be active.

Jason like many others would fail to recognize God because they could not fathom that he wouldn't be on the side of Ellen White.



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