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Question: If God came to you today and said, just follow Me (i.e. God) how many would do as requested, or would you just disobey him and continue to follow Ellen G White?

This is a bother to me, because I feel many of our members hold Mrs. White to a higher standard than they hold God and this is not pleasing to Him.

Come on people. Let's get it right.

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Why don't you leave out the personal attacks (a sure sign of a lost argument) and solely address the topic. I don't see how attacking another poster makes your position correct.

Point taken JohnB

It doesn't.


I don't think that I am making a personal attack here, but stating the truth. From what I read here and my experience with Jason, I have not seen them ever indicate that a single world of Ellen Whites was in error. So I am not conjecturing when I say that they couldn't fathom that God would not be completely on her side.


understood and agreed.  everything goes over their heads.  vegetarians and meat eaters get cancer but he still missed it

John B I dont see it as an attack.   Why dont we take the challenge to just read scriptures, KJV and make God #1.  Just focus on Him.  Make Him your all in all and see where that leads.   I created this question because I was reading responses to Laura Bidding's post.   All I saw was EGW.  Then I read this post on facebook, people will not get the message God wants them to get but we have to be willing to keep preaching it.   

Laura's message had some good points but the people here still reject it.    Shift focus it.   Ask God for the HS and take of your doctorine blinders.Put on Christ.  I believe in God first, and His Commandments, I will not turn from Him and His truth, not yours, EGW or anyone else for that matter.  But it is important that we all do that.

If it is a scriptural point then use scripture to prove the point.

Such a schoolyard response as Herbert gives is meaningless, based on assumptions of the beliefs of others and is simple attacking the poster rather than the point.

I recognise that Herbert rarely if ever quotes scripture but attacking the person is no substitute. The exact opposite statement could be made against Herbert and it would be equally meaningless and stupid. The argument basically boils down to: you are wrong because you don't accept the way that I believe. No scriptural support only condemnation for following EGW instead of some man. 


I constantly quote scripture, and believe that it reflects the word of God. I am going to give you scriptural support and a predict that you will ignore or refute it.

Deuteronomy 18:22 - "When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him."

b.      Jeremiah 28:9 - "As for the prophet who prophesies of peace, when the word of the prophet comes to pass, the prophet will be known as one whom the LORD has truly sent."

Ellen White made a significant amount of generalized predictions which one could morph into any situation. However, on occasion she made specific predictions which were not in line with scripture. For example 

In an 1849 vision, White heard Christ tell her that the door that had been shut was the door to the Holy Place of the Heavenly Sanctuary. However, many of the Millerites or Sabbatarian Adventists were just hearing of and unsure of Ellen White's prophetic status, and did not accept the visions as a divinely inspired denouncement of shut-door theory.

Gradually, individuals who had no prior connection with Adventism converted to the church and by 1854, religious leaders and most Adventists were ready to accept that the shut-door theory was not correct understanding.

This is clearly not consistent with scripture "He replied, "The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know."But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

Bible authors often indicated that Christ was coming soon, but did not ever indicate a date, Paul even stated "But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day." In other words they were leaving the dates and predictions up to God himself.

I have many others but I want you to read this first.



It looks like you did write that Wikipedia post?

Sorry Herbert but "many other" what?

Where is your disagreement with Ellen White in all that you've written above? I see no prediction. Your argument appears to be with the Millerites.

Good for you In Need of Prayer! You said it right. A lot of things that people get pushed out of shape about are that they want to inflict and command either their will or EGW, which sort of becomes the same thing, on others, that has to do with eating, drinking, what day to esteem or not esteem to worship God, etc. which have to do with personal walk with the Father and the Son, which has to do with conscience before God.

I have pointed out many times many subjects including the above which were clearly covered by the scriptures especially those inspired to Paul by revelation of Jesus Christ. Now, I would certainly put those words and principles above EGW or anyone else's for that matter. But many of you here adhere to the religion, and are yet carnal, as Paul would say. Why don't you work out your own salvation and leave eating and drinking and what day you worship to each individual? Their master is able to take care of them and correct them if needed, as well as they esteem or don't esteem, or eat or not eat or drink or not drink to their God in conscience before him.

Many of you pontificators lack true Biblical understanding, not knowing the first principles of Christ. It is very sad. READ Paul and learn something for a change, please, for your own good. Peter said that those that fail to understand Paul do so to their own destruction. Look it up, I am sick of quoting scriptures to those that neither hear, see nor understand. Many of you indeed do have blocking spirits of the Devil as well as much bondage spirits that hold you captive and you are not truly free in Christ.

I know, because decades ago I was ministered to and had a bondage spirit cast out of me by a wonderful believer who had the love of God to help me. For the first time in many years I was truly free in Christ, in Christ's liberty. NO one can tell me otherwise, because I felt the devil spirit go right out the back of my head!

When I first attended SDA church, I noticed two distinct things spiritually, that many people had the love of God and were friendly, even kind, but also that there is a prevalence of bondage to the law contrary to the grace of God through Jesus Christ, which are mostly due to EGW's writings that make for fear, works done for the wrong reason, and doubts about salvation, judgment and standing as a Son of God. These things are sad, and hurtful to the people that are effected, both those suffering from that malaise as well as those that they effect in a negative manner. I must speak the truth as it was revealed to me, as I do have the spirit of God, though I know some of you will say it is the Devil. God knows who I work for whether you do or not. I don't get paid for writing here, but do so in the hope that it may help someone.

I forgot to mention, another thing I discovered was that there is little or no operation of the holy spirit in the SDA church, which is not unique unfortunately, such as the Baptists, that believe it all died with the apostles (in a way they are right, though the holy spirit is still available to operate, most do not believe it is). Please, don't attack by talking about the counterfeit. I am not referring to the counterfeit, but the genuine, if there is a counterfeit, there must be a genuine. But almost all of you have little or no experience with the operations of the holy spirit, so how can you judge or know with out discerning of spirits which is also a manifestation of holy spirit? Walking by the spirit it is the key to understanding in conjunction with the scriptures, as both the holy spirit and the Word of God agree when both are correct, the one confirming the other.


Jason is well able to speak for himself But your statement did puzzle me somewhat. 

many others would fail to recognize God because they could not fathom that he wouldn't be on the side of Ellen White.

Are you saying that EGW was not inspired by God? Or what do you mean by that statement? 


I am saying that Jason and others on this blog haven't taken the time to critique the collective and collaborative works of Ellen White. He and others firmly believe that every word penned by Ellen White was done so out of divine inspiration. Despite the immense volume of her work, and her persistent shifts in ideology, they remain that she is the Gold standard of scriptural interpretation.


How did you come to this conclusion? You want to my testimony so you can shift your straw man to someone else?

It has become clear what you are trying, but you very lousy at it


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