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Question: If God came to you today and said, just follow Me (i.e. God) how many would do as requested, or would you just disobey him and continue to follow Ellen G White?

This is a bother to me, because I feel many of our members hold Mrs. White to a higher standard than they hold God and this is not pleasing to Him.

Come on people. Let's get it right.

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Thanks for that Rabbit and thanks for helping me make the point.  My struggle isn't being shifted from His word, is getting them to understand because God has given me His passion to save the lost.  I want to help God because He has done so much for me.  I struggle through storms sometimes, but He picks me back up.   Funny last night I typed at the end of my post God you help them, I am struggling here (I removed it in the end).   But He sent you.  I am so emotional now because He has won again. 

God is so good.  I really love Him.

We're all one family truly In need of prayer but with God at the head the more we love each other and resist urges to throw negative criticism on things we don't understand the easier things become. The love and devotion you show is a breath of fresh air to me through my struggles as well.

God Bless you

Good evening to my brothers and sisters and thank you all for the testimony and words of power shared.

With respect to one agreeing to vows and accepting baptism, I agree that God looks at each individual, & whether or not he or she is sincere in returning to Him. However, I have a genuine concern, and this may not be the case for every assembly. My concern is centred in the spiritual growth of the individual; and, for the record, permit me to say that I do not know what a person is thinking or processing in his or her head with regard to this experience. One individual may be a religious stalwart but is persuaded that the Sabbath must be obeyed, and so move to be baptize since this the church requirement, whilst for another, that is her or her ticket to win the love of the person he or she is interested in. One can determine an individual's intentions by engaging him or her. As such, given the high probabilty that there exists a mix of intentions, how many persons are truly converted? Can it be argued for, that an individual who becomes an adherent of the Seventh day Adventist Assembly is a soul that is convicted, surrendered, and living and serving Jehovah? What happens after the baptism and the hands of fellowship? Is there a discipleship program to help that person be a disciple, as a well a fisher of men? 

On the other hand, God speaks to us each day and through varying mediums. But even more beautiful God can speak to us through His divine Spirit. This comes as our relationship with Them deepens and matures. As such, it was really a blessing to see how God use you my sister/brother to make contact. 

Moreover, with regard to the Christian experience and growth to spiritu al maturity, one must express a mix of situations. However these are for our edification and us to be more dependent on God.

In closing my pray is that each man would look at his or herself and turn to the living God. His Son will return. Ask also for the Holy Spirit and seek Him daily as He use you to accomplish His mission, the Savin of souls.

As such, given the high probabilty that there exists a mix of intentions, how many persons are truly converted? Can it be argued for, that an individual who becomes an adherent of the Seventh day Adventist Assembly is a soul that is convicted, surrendered, and living and serving Jehovah? What happens after the baptism and the hands of fellowship? Is there a discipleship program to help that person be a disciple, as a well a fisher of men? 

We shouldn't worry about who we think is "truly converted" God judges not us since as I stated earlier his standard of judging we humans can not comprehend.  If we see someone we think needs help, we should help them but not judge them and you can't help anyone if you don't understand what they are going through or their situation so it's best to turn to God first in all situations just like your prayers.  

When the final roll call is made there will likely be names some thought would be on it that won't be and names some thought wouldn't be on it that will be.  We should just focus on getting to know God and and representing God's will through the understanding of his word.  

There was a simple song we use to sing as kids in church... This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine... For many it might be considered a kids song but it has so much meaning as we learn and grow in understanding of God's word.

I need,How can you say you are having an affair with God? Smh


The word 'affair' has a negative connotation. I believe you meant you have an intimate relationship with Jesus right?

Yes Jason, and I understand your concern.   If it offends you I will not say it again.  I respect your comment.

I see that you are into the Emerging Church movement which includes contemplative prayer, centering prayer, spiritual formation etc.

Not at all Jason.   I serve and worship God.  Really, I thought you were understanding. I spend time in the Word, scripture, prayer, from time to time I fast.  I always spend time listening to His voice.  no emerging church  I attend church every Sabbath but would worship all day and every day if given the chance.

People from all walks of religion do the same and look how wrong they are thinking they are in need of nothing. The heart of a true Christian has love, not dictatorship and accusation and condemnation.

It is easy to see who are truly Christ's.

They are not just clanging cymbals which lack love.

I am a believer in Christ and read his Word but and it is easy to see who are truly Christ's.  Not judging but I would think that someone in His word is a representative.   It could never be wrong to read the word of God.

My friend Col, I don't think I am better than anyone.  But I listen to God and I stand before Him.  I have access to His presence, and I know that I am born in sin and shaped in iniquity but by his stripes I am healed. He instructs and guide me..   In many situations my words are His words.  I also understand they persecuted Jesus too.   So I am blessed to be persecuted for righteousness sake.   Still love you.   You will see it soon.

Here I go again, Holy Spirit kept urging me to read this book today about Elijah.   At the end of the first chapter was this prayer.   Lord, we ask that this example may be clear that we may understand that your life and what you consider to be clean is very different from what is taught by the religion of men.  May we understand the importance of having pure hearts so we may have unlimited vision to go forward wherever you send us.  Amen.

I pray this prayer for all.  Just so that we can make it more about Christ.  That is my point.  Less about us, more about Him.  All the rest will fall in place.

I am not your friend neither obviously dear to you. You have made you're claim against me. Contrary to truth. You have shown your way contrary to that which Jesus exampled. Now let God judge you'

You should spend your Time getting YOUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER. SELL IT AND MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR FAMILY. rather than going around making judgements of which it is clear there has been no wisdom come from the creator God yet a god of sorts is controlling your heart in self reliance.

Your prayer of contemplation means nothing with out the content of the chapter and the name and authorship of the book along with the context .
So excuse me when I say I do not hold any value in your words you hardly ever quote from the word of God and you seem more interested in thinking you are a prophet but fail to see the errors in your way.

And now you have shown yourself to be untrust worthy in your word when you previously with words of hate stated, you were no longer going to respond to my posts.

It is not the hearers of the word but the doers of the word which are saved. Romans 2:11-13.

Good bye.

See how Satan will twist the mind.    God has called my situation Col and I never said I will not respond to your post.  I said I will not receive your comments.  Receiving if you are saying I am false speaker, I will not accept it, I will not believe.  I will not take it as truth.   Devil is really trying to destroy my character when all I am doing is help my fellow believers.    This is not the first time.   I remember telling a group of people I put aside all worldly music.   One of the members got mad at me and didn't speak to me for months.   But that lasted for but a time.    We are now good friends now.   I did nothing.

But you must be careful.  God is doing some things right now Col.   I am in a lot of pain because of what I see.   Don't throw darts at me for no reason.   You are certainly not showing a Christ like character.   Because even if I did something to annoy you, you should talk to me on the side so I can correct it.   That is how people of God behave.  


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