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Why God loves us so much is it because he made us, or because he is a God of love.If you really look deep within, you may never know you can't figure it out, what do you think.

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Hi Andrene,

It marvels me when I think of the wretched sinner I am yet God loves me still and showers me with His blessings. It is beyond our imagination as human beings how some can really love us so much as to send His son to die in our place. I can only conclude that it is because HE IS GOD and there is and will never be one like Him. Indeed, there is no God like Jehovah, that is why he is worthy of our praise and the reasonable service that we can offer unto Him.
He made us because he loved us... He does not love us because he made us. He is not a God of love..... He is Love.
{He is not a God of love..... He is Love.} I like that!


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