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A friend of mine a jehovah witness, has always claimed when we are descussing about the word, that God has his REAL name called YAHWEH.


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God is not a name its a title.
It is absolutely true. Whenever you read LORD in all caps that is where his true name should be.
God bless.

so Moore why isn't his name there where there is LORD in caps.




Its not there because man decided to remove it. Up until the 1700s his name was in even the king james version.
My friend, please tell me where any of us said that we are required to pronounce his name? It is a fact that he has a name and it is preserved in the Bible. Whether you want to use it is between you and God. Also, where did Ellen White say that she was the final word on the bible? Stop calling the word of God nonesense. It is not demonic in the least, that is unless you consider the bible uninspired.
No it is not, what this topic is about is does God have a name.The fact is he does have a name and it is recorded in the bible. No one here said anything about requiring us to address him by his name and yet you have brought up that issue with out a reason.

If someone wants to use Gods name there is nothing wrong with that. It is their right to do so. I did say that it is between each of us and God, didn't I?
You may want to address someone by name because unless you do I have no way of knowing if you were addressing me or not.

yeah you are right.


Yeah mark you are right
The word God is just a blanket statement. Its not unique to the christian faith. YHWH is the God of Abraham.
Pardon? Is this the right discussion? Christians belief in a God, Muslims believe in a god, Hindus believe in gods. Get it? I'm not writing an essay. The God I believe in is the only true God and he's name is...


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