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I had really hoped that there would be some stimulating, edifying, encouraging discussion here. Unfortunately for the most part there is nothing but neglect of Scripture and biblical ignorance. Someone asks about Sabbath and the advice is check out EGW. With all due respect to EGW and the poster, the thing to do is check out the Scripture FIRST in EVERYTHING. If you can't figure it out from the Bible and the Holy Spirit's leading then praise God we have some excellent counsel. But the inability of professing Christians who are known as people of the book to understand anything in the Bible unless they filter it through the writings of EGW is nothing short of idolatry and makes many adventists appear no different than the Roman Catholics with their worship of Mary or the Mormons and their prophet Joseph Smith. There are some good folks here but for the most part this site is a bust.

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Good points.

While I can understand that one can feel strongly about doctrinal matters like these, let us not forget that difference of opinion has always existed among all of humanity. Being thus cognizant, let us therefore seek to have our communication 'seasoned' by Holy Spirit, through whom Christ continues part of His ministry for us who are obligated to our loving Heavenly Father, so that we become inclined to edify, rather than to bash each other. Let us be aware that we are all in this together - a constant war against our arch-enemy, satan.

I think a lot of the frequent posters on Adventist Online identify with Hartland or Shepard's Rod and have an agenda against the mainstream church.

Do you have any idea what an insult it is to compare Heartland to Shepherds Rod.?

One is insane, and the other just has one disagreement that they reverently submitted to the GC, and are still active members of this church.

I love you Jill, but think before you speak.

Also, that is kind of a personal insult, because I support Heartland.. As does Amazing Facts and 100 other people you like, that you simply don't realize support them.

Daughter of God,

I heard of Hartland a few years back but never checked out what they do/believe til about a month or so ago when I heard Stephen Bohr and Christian Berdahl are going there next summer.  I have since asked a few people about Hartland and have found some very faithful souls who have gone there.

Don't worry about people who attack Hartland.  They hated Jesus in His day and He foretold how those who choose to follow the Word of God would be treated also.  They hated Him first ... Don't stress and keep sharing the Truth sister.

So Jill, since you made this comment, who are you referring to and what is wrong with Hartland as I checked out their website and what they do and they seem like a very Godly school and teach Truth.  As far as Shepherd's Rod, there is only 1 person I know on this site who is SR and I never see him post anything in almost any forums.

No I encouraged him to. I am one of their staunchest supporters..

Yes, you did message me to check them out.  Thank you for that.  I have been blessed to know there is such a school that still teaches the whole Truth.  It was the schools of the prophets that did the same in times of old as well. 

Nothing has changed and neither has the judgement against those who love God with all their heart.  It seems like the ones on here who are so hateful do not realize that the Holy Spirit is not in the counsels they give.

I remember we had a few SR here and some are still members I believe. I believe Jill is using SR as a generic term to include all offshoot groups including 2520 ers which is the most dangerous 

I agree as well, Jill!

Sadly, your comment on Hartland is at best a superficial observation on your part Jill.  It also is one that presupposes that Hartland is the "standard" to which all objections that are raised in the church are derived and that they have an agenda against the church--both which are totally baseless and are frankly low brow.    But nevertheless, your comment is one that satiates the appetite of the antagonist.

Jay, if Hartland has corrected the deficiencies identified the General Conference and renounced the Standishs then by all mean enlighten me.  I would be delighted to endorse them if that has happened.


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