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I had really hoped that there would be some stimulating, edifying, encouraging discussion here. Unfortunately for the most part there is nothing but neglect of Scripture and biblical ignorance. Someone asks about Sabbath and the advice is check out EGW. With all due respect to EGW and the poster, the thing to do is check out the Scripture FIRST in EVERYTHING. If you can't figure it out from the Bible and the Holy Spirit's leading then praise God we have some excellent counsel. But the inability of professing Christians who are known as people of the book to understand anything in the Bible unless they filter it through the writings of EGW is nothing short of idolatry and makes many adventists appear no different than the Roman Catholics with their worship of Mary or the Mormons and their prophet Joseph Smith. There are some good folks here but for the most part this site is a bust.

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It realy is sad that most cannot quote from scripture, but can quote EW from memory. As you read thru the replys the discussions are totaly off topic to what? Devert from the main topic that YES! SDA's spend most of their time studing EW and not God's original hand book. It truely is a sad statement for a people who claim to follow God. Lets hear more sermons from the pulpit that quote the Bible, oh wait! Then everyone would have to look up what was being said to see if it was really in scripture. HOW SAD the people of God have become!

 It is interesting, we hear posts like yours all the time yet I rarely here any SOP at all from the pulpit. The same people that scream if EGW is quoted love to quote CS Lewis or Rick Warren at length. That's messed up.

My children are not even teens yet and can quote 140 verses from memory from the Bible. We read SOP daily and we love it because it came from Jesus. 


Most any more only seem to quote her now and then in Sabbath school.

In fact so little that it seems her work is slowly being pushed out of many of our churches..

It makes me sad.. so much wisdom.. 

Can everyone laugh now please!?

As I state before somewhere else on this site I would like to repeat humbly that I got the bible from the heart at age of 14 and the SoP at my 25!

Good post GD.


Culture gets far too much say. Would you favor baptizing homosexuals ?  Would you favor ordaining a lesbian as a pastor ?

did i ever say or even hint anything like that?

seriously kevin stop being cheap...

Would you support an anti gay law like in uganda simply you disagree with that lifestyle?

Would you rather have a death sentence and/or life sentence for every homosexual out there?

A prison sentence for everyone who doesnt report homosexual behaviour (including pastors) within 24 hours?

A law which seizes every church/organization property if even ONE member of the administration is found guilty of homosexual behaviour and revokes the license to exist as church/organization in that country?

A law which states that even heterosexual married people can be subjectet by that very same law when they practice a sex act like oral or anal sex therefore after the third time lifelong prison sentence?

Well you got it when you relocate to Uganda. Supported by and pushed forward by SDA Uganda.

Or maybe you could try to push it in IA / USA...?

After all your anti-gay and back in time all was better no?

Go ahead try to push it forward in your home state.

So sorry Kevin but please before trying to put such words in my mouth read what the issue or concerns are when i refer to certain problems like the anti-gay law in uganda. 

And to be blunt i rather have a "lesbian pastor" than a heterosexual male pastor who denounces the church members, spits out hate speeches, votes for death sentence of people, helps rounding up people in town square for "punishment". Sorry all in all i rather have a sexual orientation which isnt the mainstream than having a male pastor which is upfront in hate speeches / violence.

At least first is out of love the other is pure hatred.

Talk about being cheap....

I ask you a couple of simple questions and you go into capital punishment mode. 

Why not just aswer the questions  instead of always saying "did I say that?"

When you say" simply because you disagree with that lifestyle" you are once again trying to make this a personal opinion rather than following a "thus saith the Lord."

 If you are going to ask  a slew of questions please number them. But you need to answer my questions then.

#1 no

#2 no

#3 no

#4 no

None of these 4 questions have anything to do with my questions.

Now do you support baptizing and or ordaining lesbians and homosexual men ?

Similar laws where in effect in USA in the good old times back where the root of the church was.

So not so "good" after all?

To your questions:

I am in no position to support it or not support it kevin.

first i would be biased.

second baptizing homosexuals is already done.

Do i support a loving and inclusive church yes.

I am not a fan of the saying "I am christian unless your gay" which so many adore and practice.

I havent my own opinion about baptism of homosexual. I know so far over all South and Central , África, Europe and Asia are still forbbidden! Can someone up date me pls? Thanks
( what I know above 10% are homossexuals inside church or bissexuals but in silent mode and church arent aware of that)!

The 10% number was an unscientific estimate from Alfred Kinsey, I think in the 1950s.  Most experts today say 5% or less of the population is gay.  Of course gays should be baptized.   We don't know if a candidate is celibate, and even if he is not where does the Bible say you have to be sinless to be baptized?

When a sin is so ugly to God that every time it is listed in scripture it is right next to bestiality. I think one still openly practicing such a sin, is a bit different from someone falling to the temptation of loosing their temper a few times..

Though there are many things that should be taken care of before baptizum.. I wouldn't support baptizing someone who still intended on eating pork either..

We have all sinned and fallen short. I am sure everyone here has sinned since they were baptized as well. But before we are baptized we should at least accept our sins for what they are and be prepared to fight them with everything we have, and trust in Christ to help us abstain from these things..

Not everyone who steps up to the alter call is ready for baptizum.. This is why we have classes and preparation before hand. I was an Adventist for many years my self, before I decided I was ready.. It is a beautiful, and deep devotion to God that should not be taken too lightly..


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