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I had really hoped that there would be some stimulating, edifying, encouraging discussion here. Unfortunately for the most part there is nothing but neglect of Scripture and biblical ignorance. Someone asks about Sabbath and the advice is check out EGW. With all due respect to EGW and the poster, the thing to do is check out the Scripture FIRST in EVERYTHING. If you can't figure it out from the Bible and the Holy Spirit's leading then praise God we have some excellent counsel. But the inability of professing Christians who are known as people of the book to understand anything in the Bible unless they filter it through the writings of EGW is nothing short of idolatry and makes many adventists appear no different than the Roman Catholics with their worship of Mary or the Mormons and their prophet Joseph Smith. There are some good folks here but for the most part this site is a bust.

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Hey Julie, Defender has been banned. His standards were a little too high, I guess. 

I liked Defender but I took it to heart to tone it down  some myself and remember that we should have a high standard of how to treat one another.  I know I can be rude if  I do not watch myself and we should always be aware that written words do not carry context like when we are face to face. Be kind and Christlike.  Defender did cross a line at least once that I saw.  

Thank you for sharing Bart.  I like what I saw in a few of his comments also but if one supposedly crossed a line once, perhaps the following statement that I teach my children would apply to him also.

"The character is revealed by the works, not by occasional good deeds and occasional misdeeds, but by the tendency of the habitual words and acts."

I guess I won't wonder why he never responded to my friend request then. 

Web or TV arent not good educators but the trend still carrying on in this way!

From examples of parents and their teachings the character is formed in a good SDA model! The habits are developing gradually and from heritage !


I can't say I have ever seen you cross that line Bart. :0)

Seems to be the way of things...

@Aquila / Kevin (I wanted to make sure you read this Kevin.)

"Yes, I am. I am willing to be held accountable for following the site rules myself, no matter how deficient I may be."

Rely? Because you made every excuse in the world to get out of this one.

And BTW I also find it interesting that I copied and pasted it literally moments before you deleted it, thus destroying the evidence. 

But I am sure things like this being deleted happening right after Kevin's accusation is pure quiescence right?

So everyone can see what a rule abiding man Aquila actually is I will underline what I said, and bold his response so there is no confusion.

"Ya I forgot there was a rule stating that you can defend your self, but if someone wants to rape your wife and murder your child you are not allowed to do anything.."

Is there such a rule? If so, where? Or is this just your autism acting up again?"

And BTW Aquila...

"The way you accuse people sometimes, Kevin, one might think that the adversary of souls had retired, and that you had been hired to take his place."

This statement / horrible insult directed to Kevin is a direct violation of the very rules that you, in the same breath claimed to uphold.. So how about we try a bit of self honesty for a change.

Unfortunately his complaints to the moderators will not include his snide remarks and we will be the ones chastized for not crying for discipline.

Judging by his sudden disappearance, I think discipline has finally occurred on the part of the site admin.

IDK about you but after the autism crack, I made it a point to ask for action..

Did you know that Defender was banned as well ?  I wonder how much Aquila's complaints had to do with that.

IDK, but he cried about everything.. So it is likely that it was done to shut him up.. lol


 When something has been voted down I believe the intent is clear. 


Then use the cookie story or one of your own choosing. 

To vote to not ordain women is a vote against. The intent is very clear and for some to play with semantics while ignoring intent is revealing. This is like dealing with slippery attorneys discussing what the meaning of "is" is.

I am convinced that these divisions would go ahead anyway even if the GC were to vote " the divisions, conferences and local churches shall not be allowed to ordain women as pastors or elders under any circumstances"  these divisions would go ahead any way. Well, to some extent they already are even though the GC asked them to wait.


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