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Here is the link for the Companion Bible, they are in separate PDFs. You will need the free Adobe Reader from to view the PDFs:

Here is the link for the Appendixes to the Companion Bible:*Cw5vU6Ry5Uvd1OG*Y1cPTuYNp6pMF*BkAjx73PyKbRsdHzNX3XacR45/NEWcompanion_bible_appendices.pdf

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Elijah; AND is a conjunction as used for different Books.

Tom and John is referring to both Tom and John.
Your petty nit-picking is ridiculous. I was giving a quick response to your Bull.
I went by memory as the books were scattered and 10 bookcases is a lot to go through.

Your not sincere, you are what you are, God will recompence your works, as God is just. Has anyone come to for counseling, ever? I doubt it?
You are incredible. I shall no longer respond to you or the other few extremists here who are vipers like yourself. Your really not a good witness of The SDA church.

Your lack of knowledge even about English language, the Holy Spirit and being a decent person without hatred and your heart is evident. There is no profit in discussions with you.

Seems like you are like a brother of mine he is an atheist and he can not stand to be wrong on anything. 

James said:" Holy Spirit book, Patriots & Prophets, Acts of the Apostles, Investigative judgment and they graciously gave me a box of the major works of EGW..

That just goes to show what a load of rubbish you are giving us here. EGW did not write a book called the "investigative judgment" or a "Holy Spirit book".All lies and deception like the fraud you are. Like Bart remarks, there is no Book called Patriots & Prophets either. 

It took quite some time searching for books to get their accurate titles, so as to answer your accusations. I have 10 book cases throughout the house, not as organized as they should be.

The 40 days book by Dennis Smith is about Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I was going by memory and not referring only to Ellen White books, but what we studied in the Bible class. I do not have perfect memory.

Did you ever think God is going to hold you to the same judgment as you judge others, as in the same manner you judge you shall be judged. We are all responsible to God for our tongue and actions, or lack of actions and fulfilling the destiny as God desires for believers. That is somethings we all need to look into and consider deeply. What we do here effects our eternal rewards, which is very important, not to be taken lightly.
Permalink Reply by James French 21 hours ago

"Just using your words against you. You think you haven't been in the slime pit?

You reject wholesale Bullinger's work without reading it. I didn't do that with either EGW or investigatory judgment, as I read and studied and compared to scriptures."



Your attacks are to avoid the big issues, your lack of study and consideration of evidence. If you were searching for the truth, you would care who wrote it or where it came from, and would investigate before rejection. The Pharisees rejected Jesus out right without proper consideration. Those that think they know it all stop looking, reconsidering subjects and beliefs.

I know what I know by hard research over going on 43 years. You reject Bullinger, you don't even know what you are rejecting.
I assume you knew what those books were and that they have different authors. Your lame and insane.

Same to you. 


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