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We have recently had instances of members joining Adventist Online for the purpose of spamming our other members.  The way they have been doing this is once they are a member, they join as many Groups as possible and then use the "Send message to Group" link to send a spam message to you email inbox.  This is a problem and frustrating for the members of many groups who all get spammed with the same message again and again.

As moderators, we immediately remove the spamming member from our membership.  This removes all their content from Adventist Online.  But it DOESN'T remove spam messages from your email inbox.  So you will still receive the spam message there.  This is troublesome as we would like to be able to shield you from all spam.

There IS a way to stop spam from the Groups.  But it is controlled by the individual Group creator.  The Group creator can disable the feature that allows members of the Group to send messages to all other group members.  This is a two edged sword.  It removes the ability of malicious members to spam the other members of a group.  But it also keeps legitimate members from sending helpful messages to the whole group as well.  It is for this reason that we typically let the Group creator decide whether to allow Group members to send messages to the whole Group.

Add comments here to suggest other ways of dealing with this problem.

God Bless!

Clark P


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its a pain in the neck. people spamming other members.

You are right!  It is a pain in the neck.  We have turned off the ability to send a message to all members of a group in some of the larger groups.  But we know that by turning this off we also might be limiting real and valuable messages from group members to other group members.  So we will leave that decision up to the creator of the group.  If their group wishes to risk being spammed so that they can send mass emails to other members of their group, they can.

God bless!

You could also give the leaders the choice to approve messages, and they could build a trusted team that has the permissions to approve messages. Say for instance, if a team has 7 members, each member could be assigned to approve messages one day a week. 15 moderators could approve messages twice a month, 30, once a month. If a person misses a day, then the next person in line could approve the message.


Just a suggestion.

As Jethro, Moses father in law, said, divide up the work.



The Watchman

I think if  all members of adventist online,can change the security level of their profiles, to receive messages from friends only,

and if afriend is spamming or is aspammer remove him/her from friends list. and let the site managers and group creators, secure contacts eg  email addresses of the members,

''that is just my opinion''.

I found them on my site all the time and wondering how they get there, people whom I hadn't know, please let me know how to block them permanently .Thank you my brother.

Thanks for this Arphaxdad


But I have already done this the problem is they are scamming through the groups we as members have joined!!!!

people just need to be Wary and Vigilant all the time....a friend of mine on here a few months ago posted a blog on here warning about these scammers i.e viruses spreaders...


These "new members" who would go through tons of members on here saying there new and please email them so they could send pictures because they are interested in getting to know them. I'm sure many people never noticed this but what was interesting these "members" was even leaving messages on Married People's page! and members who hadn't even logged in for months even a year.


Take care and GBU

What to do about now three supposed members writing me with their personal email address inviting me to write so they can send photos, I mistakenly replied to one who then sent a resque photo. I dont intend to respond to amy more but why are they here?

Hi Don,

We have moderated all members before.  And it was cumbersome for all involved.  If it was just cumbersome for the moderators and not for the new members, that would be acceptable and we would do it.  And we would have no issue with banning a profile before they were ever a member.  But new members join because they actually want to do something on our site - they have something to say and want to join the conversation.  We know this because they have access to almost all of the site without being a member - so when they join, it is to do more than just read.  And profile moderation breaks this flow.  Now they cannot do what they wanted to do until some later point in time.


So we think the current system is the best compromise.  It is far from perfect.  There currently are not that many spammers that join.  And when they do, they are quite quickly removed along with all their comments.  The key to this working well is for members to report spammers the moment they see them.  Use the "Report an issue" link at the bottom of each page.  When issues are reported this way we are paged and can take care of the problem quite quickly.

I agree.  It's not too tough to spot some of the spammers.  We do our best.


But since we don't have hired or volunteer moderators available 24/7 to vet all new profiles, putting all new members through a moderation process and halting their ability to post (while they are currently on site and wishing to do so) is not worth it.  Less than 2 percent of members that have ever joined our site have been spammers.  More than half of those have not been able to post any comments before they were identified and removed.  The other half were identified either by us spotting them or by members reporting the issue to us.  Either way, they, and all their content, are removed.


So that has been our decision at the current time.  We wish to make membership here easy and instant for the 98%+ members that are legit.  If you see others, please report them using the "Report an issue" link at the bottom of most all pages.

this spamming by gloria is really horrible!



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