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How do you think we can bring the church alive through our communication department? Kindly share those useful strategies a communication secretary can adopt to help the church function as it should. God bless you.

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What do you mean by "communications department"?   Are you talking about different mediums like social media? Please explain because I would assume a Bible worker is in the Communications Department and I would like to understand.

By communication department I mean church officers as the communication director and his committee members

What is the stated mission of the communications department? Do they have a target they want to reach? Sorry for all the questions but it helps to know.

The reason I ask is because regular TV and cable are on their death bed.  Social media such as You tube and Instagram offer a cheap way of communication.  People are not looking for high production values or great graphics, but rather for something that is real.  There is a very successful person that started on AO who is reaching thousand with his social media and unlike some posters on AO his message is in line with Adventist truth.


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