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According to Reuters, some of the vaccine is being recalled because of low potentcy problems. However, most of it has already been given.

This is the second recall, and the manufacturer "is looking into the problem."

Just a blurp............

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Very good! :) :) :)

Why are they paying scientists to publish fake vaccine science? Because this is part of a eugenics agenda to cull the population, i.e. population reduction. YES THEY ARE KILLING US WITH SOFT-KILL BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS CALLED VACCINES:

People are dying of it right now in Houston, the H1N1 virus that is.

Very well could be.  They are spraying aerosol viruses in the chemtrails.  Yes I am sane, no it's not a theory.  Look into the president of the WHO doing a study on the aerosolization of viruses.  These are very evil people we're dealing with here.


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