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Have you been hurt in the house of your friends?  How did it make you feel?  Did it impact your spiritual life?  Did it affect your attendance?  Did you go somwhere else?  Or did you stop attending altogether?  Share your stories, if you are willing. 

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So sorry you are going thru this.  It would tear me up to have a church that close to my house and then be rejected by them.  Wonder if when this pastor gets transfered, if the next one will listen to your side of the story and if the members would accept you back.  I understand how hard it is to have to go a long ways to church and how it leads to temptation not to bother going....hope you have the commitment to do that if you have to.  My church is under 20 miles by air but takes an hour minimum to get to so I understand the commitment in time.  Just stay faithful to the beliefs at least.


im not going to speak ill of my  home church anymore

but let me narrow it down to this

they havent been nice to visitors ( it can be such a big bugga boo when not dressed right ) and they drive their  own members away ( know too many exSDA from there)

and that church was literally across the street from me

i moved and go to a different church

and they are much nicer



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