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Watching  the  women on  TV today    ,they  all  look  so beautiful  in  their  Hats.  Why is    it  that  we  as  women  including  myself  finds  it  so  diificult  to  wear  hats  to  church? For in  the  Bible it  states  that  we  are  to  cover  our  heads  in church.

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when a lady  at the pulpit crosses and uncrosses her legs

i put on a puppet show to distract me and the others to not look

either that or SCREAM!

Man Flower i hear you,Just to say, what state the church of God has come to,we have to find alots of combinations to help us not to be distracted,for all the host of heaven are present in our meetings,i do want to focus on what  they are telling me for my salvation.And not be distracted by what satan is bombarded me with.

Man flower 

You got jokes hahah lol 

Benicio,You make me Laugh,if a sister is sitting in the front of all the congretion,cross her her legs in a provocation way,because her  short skit looks like she is in beach,so is her short dress,which sit in the church,can you find for not seeing everything at front?. How you can sit and do not see what is happening at front? Unless the curtain is pull,but again we are not in a cinema,everything is wide open.Stop making excuses,decency in the church of God is a most.Siter white that you quote often,will rollover again in her grave if  she can see what is happened in the SDA today.You can not say someone make you sin,but again when you come to church,you do not need to see anybody goodies,or private antities,breast...and anything else.The Holy Spirit do not like those  distractions.Please give Jesus a break, he is trying hard to bring decency in his church, and do not encourage anyone to fight the Reform and the Revival.For it will happened what matter what,many will Rebelled against,but it will stand.For the Lord Jesus Christ is bring this thing in closing,and he will not ask anyone their opinions.

Hi Emile

I do not making excuses for no one. I live on a iland call Aruba it is summer every year. There are some sister that come in the church with some provocation dress, but I thus to sit on the other side of the church how they cannot mess with my mind in the chucrh.


And about Reveival and Reformation, it will take plase but not all will take heed to the call.



I hear you Benicio,but we do not have to do all these things just to worship in the church of God.But all these things, will be over soon, for  as we know this condition can not last forever.And for some you should just look and shut your mouth and say nothing,if not you will not be popular.

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it."--1 Corinthians 10:13

We have male pastors and elders that sit with their legs open on the platform and "preach" revealing things every Sabbath --that "apparently" are not supposed to be mentioned here among adults without being edited. smh

I will repeat: It is TIME to stop blaming other people for the "lust" issues and take it to God with Prayer and Fasting.  It is the sign of a powerless Christian when temptation arises and the "blame" is placed on someone else--especially on women!  If a person is "struggling" that much, then they have some options:

1.  By a cloth for $1-20 to cover the women on the platform whose dresses are knee length.  Many churches including SDA  churches have these--or a person can simply bring a scarf with with them.

2.  The person can move to another seat in the church.

3.  Pray and ask God for victory.

4.  Cognitive restructuring.

5.  Pay attention to the message by taking notes.

6.  Close your eyes

7.  Do all of the above.


Sarah,you smarter than that,did you give yourself to much prayer fasting to write something like that/frankly you most joking.When the Bible and EGW spoke about decency in the church it is because Christ and sister White were weak people or powerless....Sarah  Sulton...when you shall stop making excuses for human behaviors,and give them licence to act against the scripture and the proper order in the church.Standards after Stanadards are left by the Way Side by the Army God.Now Sarah a woman can wear size se want for you,and all she has to do is buying a scaf to put over her knee.You are thinking of bring your own scripture and own spirit of Prophecy Sarah Sulton?MAn,Man..!!! What the World is coming to?I know Jesus said let them all grow together untill the havest time,but in the same time,i thank God for the calling of the Reformation and the Revival.I am telling you the truth if this has to go for another 50 years some people will show everything in church just like the Brasillians bikinis,just like they are going to the beach,well we are very far from that some people are half way in.But,please shut up and do not say nothing.Well this is not going to happened untill the End there will be 2 Camp in the church one to promote the decency,and one to say it is modern time let everything shows.We called the last one the one who promoted lies,and deceits,in the last days.

But,please shut up and do not say nothing.

You have LOST YOUR MIND....and have me confused with someone's child:  If you can't handle scripture, it is because YOU have not surrendered to Christ--and that is on YOU!  You are rude and your post is disrespectful and arrogant!  Please do not EVER try to tell me not to speak....I will place you before the Lord and let Him deal with you His Way.  I will also be passing this on to the Moderators.



we can tell each other to shut up here?

o my!


thanks for letting us look inside your home


but we dont like what we see :(


Please stop personalizing issues and attacking the other participants in the discussion.  This goes against our Site Rules & Guidelines (4, 5, and 6).  By all means present your position and back it up from scripture and other sources.  But do not stoop to un-Christ-like behavior by belittling others.  Please read our Site Rules & Guidelines again as well as the basis quotes we have for them.

And then go forth and treat all other sinners with Christ-like love.

God bless!

Hi,i received your message my question is,it is someone who reported to you,or you made your own conclusion? I just responded to discussions,and question asked.I did not attacked no body,no more than they personalised me.Me i do not have habit of reported on people specially when i do like what they saying,but some people do.i do not worry of who said what for Jesus is the only one who died for me.AS far as i know no one can pretend to have more Christ like than anyone,and no one can show fighgers to anyone by saying you are not Christ.This will resulted on passing judgment on othere.And we all now that Christ is only Judge.But i do  not worry about man accusations, for they need the blood of Christ just like i need it, to be save.Whatever i said,i said it all by the Grace of God,and whatever they said to me too.I am not taking back any thing i said ,for it is the truth,and i know the truth hurt sometimes,but it most me told.And yes i said  it like Christ did it himself,and Christ  is the Only one can say ,i did not do it as Christ like. And god had made no man Judge over eachother.And also let the Rules be for everybody too.God bless.


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