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Watching  the  women on  TV today    ,they  all  look  so beautiful  in  their  Hats.  Why is    it  that  we  as  women  including  myself  finds  it  so  diificult  to  wear  hats  to  church? For in  the  Bible it  states  that  we  are  to  cover  our  heads  in church.

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We are living in the End of times,everything is questionable, but soon all these discustions will be over with,the Scripture made it plain that when women come in the front of the Lord ,they need to covered themselves. EGW talk about the Dress code,no body listened.Nowdays women are wearing pants in church,and those pants are showing a great deal of things,and some brothers have a hard time to keep their sanity without Lusting over?Women are Pastor and Elders nowdays.....? Traditions......or not...A Reform and a Revival have been called for the people of God in these Last Days,for the End is near and time is no longer.

Dorothy,Christ said to what are going to compared this Generation? Children sitting in a public place,they said we want to dance but no one play music to us!!!!Okhey  they put music for them,and they said now we no longer want to dance. EGW been send to them,talk about country Living,Moving out of the city,Musics in the church,decency,dress code,dietary laws,marriage, remarriage,Devorce,selebrations in the church,etc....And  they said ,we need the Bible and the bible !!!alone,not EGW,tell us please what Bible said,IS THE BIBLE SAID THAT?.And when YOU give them the Scripture as self evidence of Eternal  SACRETS truth,as  the Superior Light.They flipflop again,no give us EGW please!!! What EGW said on the Subject.See God can never satisfy this Generation,but He called for a true Repentence,Revival,and Reformation.And he lives everyone free to hear his call,and me too ,i do the same !!,i am just a sower,who needs to applied,what i am sowing.Evenough the truth is condemned me first, but,i have to give it like it is,and beware of me, if i added or redrawing anything in the scriptures.May the LORD help us all, to see the Light, for after all, it is not a game we are in.For nothing should be to big for us to do for the Lord,even if we are feeling unconfortable with what he asked us to do.


Bree R you said WOW,but it is Truth,and the truth most be told.Too many times i heard women in our churches are saying this Sister is DRESSING  HERSELF LIKE .....SISTER WHITE, with MUKERY.But it is not Just the head covering which is needed to be corrected,it is all the pakages.When a sister bent down to pick up something in the floor,no one should be feeling unconfortable ,her breast do not suppose to show to anyone,those are private antities.If she has to pull her dress ,her skirt down ,it is because they are too short.One can try to pull down  a dress or a skit 100 times ,short is too short, it will never get longer.When a sister cross her legs in the church( the pulpit),there should be no provocations or invitations.By the way,sister White will look very strange with earings,and Jesus too.

Emile while I will agree that everyone should dress modestly I do question your statement in regard to inciting lust in men.  Look a woman a Christian woman can be dressed in full modesty from head to toe...yet does that stop the lust of man.  Is she solely responsible for it.  Let's cover her entirely least her face will you then say that her eyes, lips, brow, or nose is too provocative?

Now lets not assume I am advocating low cut dresses, or mini skirst or jewelry makeup etc...what I am saying is ..there is a dangerous slope here when men are lead to believe that a woman at fault for their lustful thoughts.  Should women be confined then to a burka in your view.....because even an ankle can be viewed as provocative.

LOLOL!!!! =)

LoLoL,marvel not,i say unto you 1Corinthians 11 :1 -16   is standing as a Testimony for the Mukers,and the contesters and the Rediculers.

Be careful of what you are saying Amen to, this picture is mukering of the 1 Corinthians 11:1 - 16,And the Lord Jesus Christ took note of it,so is the Sherubims,Seraphims who are covering themselves in the front of God are ashame of this mukering picture.Anytimes God stablished a principle,satan take it to the extrems to make the Testimony of non effects,and some people play right in satan's hand.Laugh today tomorrow will be.......?

With all due respect, that sounds like an individual issue....if it is that much of an issue for the person, they can look away. =)

Everything in the Bible from Genesis to Revelations is an individual issue,decency,dress code,jewelies ,are all personal issues,but we most address them evenough we are running to the redicules of others.

we wont have head coverings in heaven instead we will have a crown.. so that is just not important at all..

Hi Emile

What are you is saying that it is the woman fault that you will sin?

.Emile says; "When a sister cross her legs in the church( the pulpit),there should be no provocations or invitations."

What you can do is look for an other set in the church, how you cannot sin against the provocations invitations!



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