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Watching  the  women on  TV today    ,they  all  look  so beautiful  in  their  Hats.  Why is    it  that  we  as  women  including  myself  finds  it  so  diificult  to  wear  hats  to  church? For in  the  Bible it  states  that  we  are  to  cover  our  heads  in church.

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So if I were to paint a picture (contemporary style) of women without hats, are you saying that it would make the bible text in question incorporate a cultural aspect?


And just for the record - I don't believe that the text highlights a matter of cultural *taste* I believe that Paul took culture or *custom* into consideration.



Shaz,This period will soon to be back,the reform and the revival will set everything in order by the grace of God.Let us be ready to respond in the positive way to the cold.I say to those who laugh,laugh no more,it is serious matter, it is a ,serious business.

It's actually a little creepy - IMO

they are casting out evil spirits

the person of interest is off camera

she doesnt have a hat on


Ah, I wondered what that lone sweater and bible were doing there ;)

(((((((((((((Shaz ))))))))))))))))


I do not thing it is humour ,it is a mukering cry aigain 1Corinthians  11:1-16.No picture will do it,if the scripture itself can not convinced  them of thruth

I did not mean to lost you there,i just said to those who laughing and jocks  at the humble picture that you posted,they do not have a great sense of humour.And i was not expected that this humble picture will convinced them of truth,for the Holy Spirit had spoken in 1 Corinthians 11:1- 16,and they can careless.I though the picture you posted was a proof that, way after Paul wrote this part of the Scripture,women have always complied with the scripture by covering themselves in the front of God,and it was not a matter of culture for Paul's time only.Unstead of trying to complied with the scripture,they made alots of jocks,and laughters about the picture you posted.You done all you can to show that the christians of all ages since Paul have complied with the scripture,but they met your picture you posted with jocks and laughters.I call their laughters and  their jocks of your posted picture a muking cry of 1 corinthians11:1 -16.What i am trying to say if the Holy Spirit Himeslf can not convinced them of thruth,whatever we said or posted on the net will not convinced them of truth,they will just jocker us out and laugh at us.



u thought the picture was to convince?

o boy

and please dont tell me to shut up as is your custum

u get offended easily and stand behind verses to support your dysfunction


go in peace :)

If the picture do not convinced anyone,of the truth,i am not surprise for the Holy spirit itself has not be successful neither.But the picture does reaviled a fact that women of all ages since Paul have complied with 1 Corithians 11:1 -16 and that proved it to be not a matter of culture,like the modern Laodecean may think it is.And for the Record I never told you shut up.And yet,i am not offended by anything you said,i leave that part for the holy Spirit of God.I am using the Scripture ,for the Bible said it is a lamp on our path.I only go by it is written,and by nothing else.What it is discussing here could very well be a life and death essue for many.Therefore it could not be a laughing stock.



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