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It's been awhile since I have posted, and much has happened in that time. God has shown me so much of our filth and guilt. The SDA church claims to have come out of Babylon, while the rest of the Body is still in confusion, yet I ask, is She really?

There are still Tammuz trees in the sanctuary every December. It is acknowledged that Christ wasn't born on the 25th, which is actually the birthday of several pagan gods that we inherited from catholicism, but it is never taught that He was most likely born during the Feast of Tabernacles, which is literally about God dwelling with mankind.

Every easter, which is literally a transliteration of the name of a pagan goddess of fertility and another inherited tradition from catholicism, there is an easter program, that while it may not take place on sunday, still recognizes the solemnity of the day, while never truly acknowledging that fact that Christ was literally the Passover Lamb and was crucified on that day, as well as raised on First fruits.

Christ is called Jesus, which is an amalgamation of the Greek word GE, (there was no letter J until the 1500's), which means earth, and the Latin word SUS, which means pig or swine. This speaks directly to Antiochus Epiphanes and the pig he sacrificed in the temple during the Maccabean era. Put together, the name means earth pig, instead of His given name Yashua, which literally means YHVH is Salvation. Again, another inherited tradition from catholicism.

The very word "church" comes from the Greek word CIRCE, which refers to an ancient sorceress who deceived people. She was the daughter of the sun. THE DAUGHTER OF THE SUN! She was a harlot who changed men into pigs. In the Greek of the New Testament, the Body of Christ is called the Ecclesia, (which means the gathering of people) not the church\circe, (which is where we get the word circle, as in circle of the sun) even though the word existed, because the writers knew what that word represented. That word in reference to the Body, also came from catholicism. 

These are just a few examples of many, so i must ask honestly, have we truly came out of Babylon? I encourage everyone reading this to do your own research and don't take my word for it. It's not even that hard to find. I advice you to look in encyclopedias and books about etymology (the study of words and their origins), so you can avoid any biased information towards or against what I have been led to share. Be blessed and happy studying. 

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You are a liar like your father the Devil.

You deny the clear and unambiguous verses above of Gal. 2:16 and 3:11? Be careful how you judge and who you judge, for as you judge, you shall be judged and will have to give an account. I have never called you a child of the Devil, though you act like one at times.

You need a good dose of renewed mind and the manifestation of the love of God towards others. All I have done is quote scripture, is that a reason to get mad or "be mad?

Hahaha, the Devil also Quote scripture. 

The Devil also avoids answering the direct question posed above:

"You need a good dose of renewed mind and the manifestation of the love of God towards others. All I have done is quote scripture, is that a reason to get mad or "be mad?"

I am still praying for you, whether you like it or not, you can't prevent me from praying for you.

I am praying that you can not pray for me. Get into your thick skull that even a demon can quote scripture

So you are afraid of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ?

What you say is a reflection of you, and not I. 

Look to yourself, and not others, as your always critical of others but what about yourself?

In the powerful name of Jesus Christ the holy spirit power crack those demons wide open and send them flying out of you Elijah, and that the spirit of bondage and religion and anger and root of bitterness be gone, and the cleansing power of the holy spirit renew and refresh and make for a new man! That love of God encompasses and fills all and all with the blessings and love of God.

I take authority over every demon and evil thought that is oppressing brother Elijah and cast them into the abyss and that they have no authority, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I am not afraid of prayer to Christ I am concerned about what spells you can invoke from Satan. As we know Christ does not listen to people who are in iniquity and you are that big time

Elijah’s false accusations of evil are without factual and scriptural or spiritual authority.

These and previous accusations are not with standing but rather proofs of hatred, bias and blasphemy and unbelief all contrary to the scriptures, the Holy Spirit and the love of God. These are all violative of both testaments and the Laws Elijah professes to be defending. Thus the call for prayer for this individual. No one has stated that they are praying for Elijah, perhaps they do so secretly?

Fact, you are a Liar James, Fact, God cannot bless someone who does not care about his commandments. Fact, you spit on the Sabbath even that you know the reason why we need to keep it. Fact, you are bragging about your spiritual life (if you can call it that). God's servants are humble not a trait seen in you. My accusations are in accordance with the Bible. You claim the Bible as your authority and yes some things you say are true but inside of that, you are rotten to the core with falsehood and satanic rites. 

Satanic rites? 

What basis do you have for claiming that, as well as rotten to the core etc.?

You forgot you also accused me of mental illness without factual basis, or authority.

in the Bible this falls under bearing false witness, lying, false gossip, speaking evil of someone, judging others without evidence, revelation or any factual basis. You have accused me of allegiance with the Devil and being a child of the Devil. If this was Old Testament era in Israel, you would be worthy of death for this, as the punishment for bearing false witness is the same punishment you accuse others of.

Therefore you have broken multiple times the laws you profess to follow that you accuse me of breaking.

That is called hypocrisy, and as Jesus said, remove the beam from your own eye before you judge someone else. It is not good what you speak, but evil continually. I will still pray for you, but continuing along theses lines of thought is not healthy for you and harms others as you constantly judge others.

i am a critic of general Christianity based on scripture and history and spiritual insight, but I generally don’t single individuals out, but you are the exception because of your extreme vile beh@vior here on this site, not just towards me, but also many others here.

You don’t seem to perceive the reactions others make of your judgments, comments and assumptions.

God knows who is right and who is wrong pray to god to show you. 


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