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Good Morning my beloved prayer warrior team,

I need your help in faith thru prayer, My wife Romelda Natcher Tan is pregnant for 4months...encountered bleeding just this morning...Please include in your daily devotional prayer that she and the baby in her womb be in-safe, both may obtain good health...May God our Lord from Heaven Blessed the baby and my wife.I loved them so much...

thank you,

Christopher Tan

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Father Jesus' Name, Amen!  I pray that all is well....I am also living proof that the unborn child can be born healthy, according to what God knows is best.  =)   Please keep us posted....Praying for you, too, Christopher!

thank you for the prayer you offered to my wife...they are all now in safe...Praise GOd

u have em!

thanku SARAH

I suggest you take your wife to the hospital than just pray. There are many causes why she had bled that morning. The cause need to be established, and professional advice and appropriate treatment plan be given. She is more likely to bleed again as her pregnancy progresses if it was caused by a significant problem, and I see it as wise to get down to the root cause of the bleeding ASAP. Best wishes bro!

thank you very much...your advise and prayer made it happen for them to be safe in God's will.


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