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We Adventist say that we are the true church because we keep the commandments of God and have the Testimony of Jesus which is the Spirit of Prophecy. What exactly is the spirit of prophecy? Some seemed to think it's E G White writings. I thought it was testifying about Jesus.

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That she was giftrd I have no doubt. She sure was. But am disappointed with EG estate because they have not come out clean abt her work. Esp early work. And so innocent people like lameck can confidently assert that she did not make errors. And when these are discovered she is thrown out completely by such. But who knows. I mean AG daniels oredered the minutes where they touched on these issues nd how she ought to be read to be withheld from general public.
There are errors lameck, and she was not infallible.


You are right. Everyone on this forum should go back and read the minutes on the 1919 Bible Conference. It give good Insight and understanding involving the writings of EGW. I too feel the EG White Estate has been very remiss in the handling of some of her writings. Documents recently released should have been known years ago.


Keith those that believe she is a Prophet are not going to.attend to the evidence that she isn't. Most are going to defend her ministry to the point of half- truths conjecture and in some cases outright lies. The problem is that they want to believe it so they make it so. Evidence to them is a threar. So instead of considering it they respond with arrogance and hostility. Two emotions that prove that this belief is not of the Holy Spirit.

Leon not of the Holy Spirit? You is an advocate of the Ecumenical agenda. Neutralising the influence of Ellen White, and the Adventist movement is a part of this process back to Rome and a world-friendly religion. Whilst eating unclean foods is not s problem, and Keeping Sabbath is of no importance because it is not the Mark of God. 

Great reproach has been cast upon the work of the Holy Spirit by the errors of a class that, claiming its enlightenment, profess to have no further need of guidance from the word of God. They are governed by impressions which they regard as the voice of God in the soul. But the spirit that controls them is not the Spirit of God. This following of impressions, to the neglect of the Scriptures, can lead only to confusion, to deception and ruin. It serves only to further the designs of the evil one. Since the ministry of the Holy Spirit is of vital importance to the church of Christ, it is one of the devices of Satan, through the errors of extremists and fanatics, to cast contempt upon the work of the Spirit and cause the people of God to neglect this source of strength which our Lord Himself has provided. {GC vii.4}

What type of errors are we speaking about here? Scientific? astronomy? physiology? volcanology? historical errors? Remember she used books for some of her historical dates (excluding the date for the IJ which originated from God..

Jason ignoring obvious errors doesn't help you win others to your way.

Yes Jason all of those and many more. And the IJ orginated with Edson not God.

Can you listen some of them? 

Amen Mutinta. You cant get around the truth.

Please put them up here so we see them Mutina.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Very helpful information.

I am getting the impression that there is some misunderstanding about what  Mrs. White did, and didn't, claim.

Let's bear in mind that she did write things like this,

"My commission embraces the work of a prophet, but it does not end there..." (1Selected Messages, p. 36), and, "If others call me by that name [i.e. a prophet/prophetess], I have no controversy with them" (1SM p. 34).

Ellen White claimed that her "commission" embraced, or included, the work of a prophet, didn't she? She explains why she shunned the title too; but let's not forget what her commission did actually include.

If she was fulfilling her commission, then she was doing the work of a prophet.


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