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 DIRECT ME TO  A UTUBE VIDEO i watched in here on friday night Sabbath morning about a man who was a master in the field of martial arts but now a seventh day adventist n lectures of the dangers of Demon possession/  he was in martial arts for 24 or 25 years and recomends a book called breaking  down generational curses and pulling down strongholds... I want t o share this video to  others but when  I do a history check  on my computer I cant find anything.

Iam not someone that easily persuaded By any one person   that has ..a so called revelation either . I am a product   of a divorced father many times and I do not know all the detailss of it  except  Iknow ny dad had anger issues he kept sort of locked up inside  and occassionally . Iaam the most outsspoken and real person  u may want to meet in here for when I  speak it is mainly from my pwn experiances  and  hard knocks I am going through  presently or have done so in the past and I  sure want to be of some heelp if I can so others  dont fall int o traps  i did  by following  their emotions and not listening to  reason ok>??

    I remember now grown up times when  I seen unreasonable  bouts of anger  displayed  by my dad ,, now dead . and  at  the time  I could not reason why it was he was lkike this ?  The more  scripture  and the  Spirit   of Prophecy   reveals about our character and these last day trials w efacing the more sinful I see myself and  the generational  curse   or curses   I seem to have inherited myself.  . I been in the church 30 years and still struggle with  temptaions  I  should have  overcome by now . I have ange rissues  that  I   control to a certain  degree  i yell at  the freight when I unloading a truck ha! and the aautomatic door when it  does  not open   and as rediculous  a sit seems   Ige t so angry at myself  for not being able to over come these things .

.I    on  went to Amazon ,com and looked up the book and author and even checked it oyt  apage or 2 to see  just what was involved , I REMEMBER IN OUR BIBLE STUDY CLASS  GENERATIONAL CURSES  AND Demons    ,,Hidden sins  that w e once thought  we had gotten over but in actuality  all the y did wa s go into hiding deep in our minds   ..  It seems that later like the time  Isreal went to war against the 3 kings of canan  the army was routed but the 3 kings they trapped in a cave still alive..

Yes it kinda of deep and u may not see he revelance but suppose u been struggling as a christian ok for 15 years to get a victory over a sin that keeps coming back in your life why?/ . WHEN ARE  bible teacher goes over the lessons using  Sis whites complete writings  on CD it am amazing how scripture passages u never seen before  tie into these last day prophecies  and u never were taught these before or  in actuality I never seen them talked about in any of our instructors  like  Amazing Facts  or   QUIET HOUR  or  IT IS WRITTEN . Voice of prophecy    either and yet        even  though seeing these truths come up  still does not make u free of these repetive sinful acts we face and fight privately ok?/

 Like this martial artists that was a christian   but still was into nartial arts not knowing the dangers of it  til lway into the future  even though his mom was a seventh day adventist ..  he HIMSELF  turned his back on God and only within the past few years  returned ,  . 

YES  maybe  i being long winded here but I swear  i see the revelance not only in my life  of  anger issues but also  in my  -- -- tha t scares the living  hebee geebies out of me ok?  I  not at liberty to  say everything thqa tgoes on in my life but trust me here  I am in a mess  over my head Inever had to deal with before and it scares me . .

 I know  demons  exist even  hidden  in us as  7 th day Adventists and if we do not seek  help  and become aware of these  dangers   we will not be prepared for the later rain  . OK I will shut my mouth now    but  can anyone plz help me again in finding that video on UTUBE  PLZZZ.. 

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Before you get it tho have no idea about it, i will just comment about anger and how to control it. I was a victim of anger at a very early age. I went to school and actually at the age of 8 i refused to be taught by a female teacher though by force my parents refused to know the problem. In Africa, Kenya, if you want to discipline a child you cane until you satisfy your temper as a parent. My Dad was an Army officer and he could cane me, one because I am high tempered and two because he had a report from school of my behaviors. This continued to my adulthood and if tempered i could do anything but thanks to the Name4 of God. If you really believe God will take control of your life and as a person nothing you can do FOR THERE IS NO POWER BEYOND THE GREAT POWER IN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. Demons are the evil spirit and they just need a believing heart to accept.

If practically Jesus has conquered then its for you to believe and see His great love. Anger is pride, its self denial its sin. I know that we can conquer if we whisper a prayer of LOVE when in distress and JUST TAKE EVERYTHING POSITIVELY,this has really helped me. Listen to praise songs and sing aloud every time and eat a healthy diet which will bring joy.

God bless you.

I AM SORRY Andrew FOR NOT RESPONDING EARLIER . Yes I do  struggle with  anger an what not to do when aggitated or povoked to anger.  I  am not at liberty to explain all that is going on  for it  a lot deeper that what it appears on the  surface.. I remember scriptures when Jesus was saying it was those of the household of Isreal especially in their own home town that rejected the Prophets sent to them/ SELAH  I gues it can be that way also in our own homes too. Try this link. I k ow it was posted earlier. I

 EZRA!!!!   THAT IS THE ONE I AM LOOKING FOR THANK U .. I just  did  not know his name and  I could not find the window in search either   YEP THANK U SIR IT APPRECIATED,, iT FUNNY THOUGH ON FRIDAY NITE I SEEN ONLY 1 TESTIMONY  NOT 9 WOW ,,  i HAVE IT Ssaved in favorites in  AOL. IT WILL NOT  disappear their unless it removed from  UTUBE  FIRST now how in the world do i learn to copy these things on a  DVD it been yeaars and  still  I havent been able to have someone show me yet hmmp , oh well another day another topic ,

   Debroah  hey  u see  the LInk EZRA LEFT ?? IT awesome  listen to these words of advice in regards to  DEMONS and how today  we have not the power to dislodge them without a complete letting go of ourself n belonging to Jesus      full time not a part time christian ,   It seems  u have to know the proper scriptures to use and  also be linked to the one with  full power ,,   THE  Lord help us all prepare for  His soon coming for I see it as not far away.. IT NOT A SCARE TACTIC  NOW for scaring someone  never works for but awhile and then it wears off and   the natural self returns ,,  later ..

I am gonna check out the book.. Cant really watch videos and I am a reader anyway..


But, man, I FEEL your pain. If we are really SEEKING to KNOW we stand right before God, THESE type of things can be a real wieght..


I had BIG questions, ALL my life, about this.. IF God wants to SAVE ME, and YET, ALSO asks ME to DIE daily, then JUST WHAT is He saving??


It is frustrating to not find answers among God's people.. And yet, my good pastor just told me, repeatedly, to keep after Jesus ABOUT these questions. He could not answer my questions.. But, I want to offer you HOPE, Uncle!


Because as I did an INTENSE study of the Bible, I FOUND my answer, SO PLAINLY! It was just something I had to DIG for and keep entreating God to open my understanding and allow me to have comprehension and peace about thishuge issue in my mind..


I have discovered that He is generous when we are desirous of FINDING HIS WILL..


This issue of generational curses is one I have not thought about for a long time, and not from this perspective.. Thank you for your honesty and for witnessing to me.. It IS something that EVEN at a cursory GLANCE at MY life, and I can SEE what those familial curses might be for me.. And I, too, LONG to be shed of these sins that do so easily beset us.. The Book DOES say we are to THROW OFF these sins so as to be able to RUN this race.. To REACH the mark of the prize of the High Calling of God IN Christ Jesus..


His sayins are enablings.. We just have to GRASP it mentally..... or spiritually, more importantly..


I can tell you that He will answer in HIS time, which is ALWAYS a BREATHTAKING ride!!  Like one of the movies people LOVE today, He takes us to the brink of extinction, and THEN, LIKE the knight in shining armor, ( wonder where satan came up with THAT one?! He is SUCH an ape!!  Monkey see monkey do!! :)  BUT God actually DOES save the day when HE rides in!! 

And I am USUALLY left in awe ansd wonder at His providences..


God loves you, Uncle, and WILL secure your salvation DESPITE demonic influence because YOU will witness about these experiences, when you can, TO assist others walking in darker paths.. I KNOW about dark paths, and I now feel I walk in Light, as John and SO many others speak of.. Even though I am not up to even the par of a child in Primary class on some things, on OTHERS, I know God has trained me to KNOW how to overcome, and to help others IN those areas.. JUST as He is doing through YOU.. The TRICK is to keep smiling and thanking HIM..  In wonder and confusion, no doubt, but PRAISE Him for what WILL come of the stumbling darkness in your life.. Eventually He will shed GLORIOUS Light on your path, PROBABLY just when SOME ONE ELSE is ready FOR that information YOU are just fixing to GET!!   God is JUST that AWESOME!!


So, TAKE HEART brother!!! He's working on a BIG break, is MY guess and PRAYER... :)     KEEP SEEKING!!

Uncle Murray, I resonate with your thoughts and experiences. I have also studied into generational curses and have been concerned about demon possession when struggling with sin. I would like to share a couple links with you:

I also invite you to read a section in my book entitled "biblical response therapy". This is the best way I know to overcome sin and be free from Satan. It is in Chapter 1. I recommend reading the whole chapter, and also see 7 points at the end of chapter 2. To view the draft of my book, go to Click on the first volume.

I have also talked with Doug Batchelor on his radio show regarding casting out demons and deliverance ministries. I agree with his view. It concurs with the two links I'm giving you.

Hope this helps. It has helped me.

God bless



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