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I really need help in my understanding and putting things into perspective.

I understand that the investigative judgment started for the church in 1844.

I understand that probation closes when the Sunday Law passes.

I understand the wicked will not be judged until during the millinium.

What I don't understand is different theories of people coming into the church after the Sunday law passes. When the Sunday law passes is there still a chance for some or does probation close for all? 

I am of the opinion it closes for all but not too sure.

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I believe there will be more than one Sunday law. One that gives financial penalties and allows Sabbath worship as long as Sunday worship also occurs. The final law does not allow Sabbath worship and is accompanied by a death decree. It is with that final decree that probation closes.

James you have not answered my question I asked when the Sunday law passes is probation closed for every human being or is there still a chance for some.

During the Millennium the wicked will be dead, they receive their judgment after the millennium. There is to be a Sabbath rest for a thousand years.


Dan 12:1 And at that time shall Michael stand up,


When Michael shall stand up the door shut. There is no other text to indicate different.

That seems to be what this is saying...


Rev 22:11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. 12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. 

Hello Leslie Ann

Don't be fooled, there is not biblical evidence for a Sunday law, and we are not provided with the specifics regarding the day or our or seasons of Christ return. God gives us generalities but the specifics are his domain so we must have faith that he will do things in his own order on his own time. SDA's have a history of failed predictions and continue to err in making new ones. Instead we should be about the business of Spreading the message of Christ and growing closer to him. Information about probation isn't going to help you deal with your current life stress, or strengthen your faith. But, serving him through assisting others, and displaying his love daily will. Invest your time and energy on those things.


Herbert humm. Knowing and learning prophecies is important to me my brother.

Hello Leslie

How does this knowledge promote your relationship with Christ? How does knowing the specifics of prophecy allow one to serve others? You are going to ask a question and get many answers from people who claim that they know. However; you don't attend to the fact that God may not want you to know. We must have faith that he will take care of things on his time, and we are to go about the business of serving him through our service to others.



Still the same humanistic reasoning I see.

However; you don't attend to the fact that God may not want you to know.

Just a simple question for you why do you think God gave apostle John the Book of Revelation to write if we are not meat to have any understanding of what it says? 

Interesting profil-pic Leon. A peanuts (Linus? beware of the copyright ;) ) graduate student, who was eager to ask, study and learn about his subject of interest to reach his goal. Makes me wonder even more about your advise. It seems obvious that this topic is part of her study of Jesus and the Bible, which is still His word (including prophecy) and therefor worth a study and useful to deepen our relationship with Jesus.

There is a time of study and a time for service to others and sometimes we even find time to sleep ;)

Perhaps she will start studying the "Sermon on the Mount" in three months?


Hello Simon

I think I am O.K. with the image since this I am not profiting from this blog. I know that studying Scripture makes sense. I know that God provides us with scriptures about the second coming for a reason. My point is that studying this exclusively, and conjecturing about the events that we were not meant to know can be harmful in a religious experience. If we are balanced in our approach to Scripture, focusing on those text that assist us in becoming closer to Christ, we will find it to be a refreshing and replenishing experience. However, if we utilize Scripture to support doctrine that separates us other Christians, and confirms our sense of superiority. Then we are not becoming closer to Christ, and we are being indoctrinated in religion that is truly false.


Leon you said 

However, if we utilize Scripture to support doctrine that separates us other Christians

The Christians has been using scripture to prove their point of view ever since Christ left the Earth and probably will keep on doing so until Christ comes back. We now have 3000 Christian Religions. Most have been built on a new understanding of what the Bible says. That is the natural way of Christian progression. The SDA Church was built on a new way of looking at scripture. Are you saying this is Wrong? How can you come closer to Christ if you are not to study his Word? 

The one thing you seem to miss is that the Bible predicts a True and a false Religion. If we need to be like everyone else we are in the false religion are we not? 



The SDA Church was built on an interpretation of end-time doctrine, not in a new method of interpreting scripture. I believe the old method utilized by our forefathers was just fine.


I do not understand how you can  think that? I had the impression that you do not subscribe to any of the SDA teaching. Or is it that you do not remember from one time to another what you are saying? 


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