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I really need help in my understanding and putting things into perspective.

I understand that the investigative judgment started for the church in 1844.

I understand that probation closes when the Sunday Law passes.

I understand the wicked will not be judged until during the millinium.

What I don't understand is different theories of people coming into the church after the Sunday law passes. When the Sunday law passes is there still a chance for some or does probation close for all? 

I am of the opinion it closes for all but not too sure.

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Hi Herbert,

I agree with you that the Book of Revelation doesn't talk directly about Sabbath or the 10 Commandments but it's interesting that in Rev 15:5  we find this written ... "After this I looked, and I saw in heaven the temple—that is, the tabernacle of the covenant law—and it was opened."

The question this raises is... WHY is God showing the temple in Heaven OPEN and WHY is the Ark being SHOWN exposed for everyone on earth to view.

I investigate this question in the video below. Take a look if you have time (it's 1 hour long - sorry) and are intrigued with this event. 

God Bless, ...Art 

Hello ArtC

Thanks for the link. The tabernacle releases the seven last plagues judgment upon the wicked who are not covered by Christ redemption. This verse does not confirm the Sunday law, it confirms the role of the law with those who are lost.

Leon you said 

This verse does not confirm the Sunday law, it confirms the role of the law with those who are lost.

I would have thought that the Bible confirms that there is a true and a false religion. One would think it is important to find out who is who. If you like to hide behind the non descriptive language is a matter for you. 

I've always wondered: does the awful horror spoken of in Matthew 24, have anything to do with the Sunday law? it says when  the daily sacrifices are stopped, that is when the awful horror begins. what are the sacrifices? Daniel 12:11-12 and Matthew 24:15-16

Hi Jani,

On the earthly Sanctuary there were two daily 'Services' conducted by the Priests... One in the Morning and One at Dust. The Priest sacrificed a Lamb at each service for the 'Corporate Sins' of the nation. When Jesus returned to heaven after His crucifixion He continued this service in heaven - on behalf of ALL Mankind... [but without any lamb being sacrificed].

At some point in the near future the sins on earth will have reached such a frightfully level that Jesus will TERMINATE this service in heaven. No more Corporate mercy available... only Individual Mercy [Individual Salvation].

We on earth will know when this happens... since the heavenly Censor will be 'cast down' with Global Earth Quakes on earth.

I cover this very interesting and important topic in the video below and the following 3 after this one. Take a look.


thanks a lot ArtC

I wanted to do a more thorough repsonse but in a bit of a rush today.   However remember the Bible says judgments starts with the house of God. 

The National Sunday Law as well as the Strait Testimony brings about the shaking in God's church.  You can look up where Ellen White says this will result in many ministers leaving resulting in a purified ministry to give the final message.  Ofcourse also the majority of members leave as well.

When the church then presents the final message with the latter rain power  then God's sheep in the other folds will be able to see the law of God in its true place as its under attack by the Sunday legislation.  Then many will leave the sunday ranks and join God's church.

This happens as the Sunday law has passed.  Because prior to this there will be so much confusion that error is blending.  But the sunday law will make truth and error plain.

Also remember there are phases to the Sunday law.  There is first the legislation that you cannot buy or sell.  Then later comes the legislation to kill those who do not keep Sunday.  Therefore when the law simply is against buying and selling is when those in the Sunday churches will leave their ranks and join God's remnant.  

Now when its that you will be killed for keeping Sunday and the government goes to enforce that then probation has closed for everyone.  Ellen White talks about a limit that God will not allow man to pass.  Once this occurs God has to step in or else all His children would be killed.  This is the end.

So yes there will be time after the Sunday law is first passed when the majority of the converts to the remnant will take place. 

I am once again sorry that I did not have time to get the scriptures and Ellen White quotes.  But you can look it up to confirm it.  Check the Ellen White estate or if you have the Ellen White app.  Also you can look up Jeremiah Davis.  He has some clear presentations on the topic of the close of probation.  I do not agree with everything he presents but I believe the information on probation is pretty much on point.  God bless.

Noel thanks for your imput just a few questions for clarification.

Ok so there are different stages of the Sunday law one the early time of trouble and then the time of jacob's trouble.

So what you are saying is that in the early time of trouble probation will be closed for some and then just before jacob trouble it will close for all??

Question: when will the servants of God be sealed in the early time of trouble or jacob time of trouble?

If when you say servants you mean Seventh-day Adventists who were adventists prior to the Sunday law.

Their sealing is at the passing of the Sunday law.

The others are sealed at some point prior to the governments final move to destroy the sabbath keepers.

Hello Noel

What scriptures are you using to predict the Sunday law legislation, and the shaking in God's Church.


Leon, Sunday Law doesn't appear in scripture. Go to my discussion on where will God's people be and tell me how that fits in with the Sunday Laws.

I have never felt we had bible grounds for that teaching, and  I still don't. Maybe someone on the forum can show me where the bible teaches it..

I don't have time to give a full reply but I will touch on one subject: all will have been judged prior to the return of Christ. This means that probation closes for all prior to the return of Christ.

You state that the investigative judgement for the church started in 1844. My understanding is that it is the investigative judgement that started in 1844 (not judgement for the church) and that the dead are judged first.

Probation for the living does not close until the censer is thrown down in heaven (Rev.8:5), Christ takes off His priestly robes puts on the kingly and then returns to the Earth.

What takes pace during the millennium is a review of God's judgement of the wicked. His judgement will be vindicated and He will be declared to be a righteous and just God.

Hope this helps... Blessings.


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