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Here is a discussion about the Man of Sin or the Anti-Christ.

This was asked of me as a bible question so here is where I'm posting the answer.  

V = 5
I = 1
C = 100
A = 0
R = 0
I = 1
U = 5
S = 0
F = 0
I = 1
L = 50
I = 1
I = 1
D = 500
E = 0
I = 1
======= ======= =======
112 53 501
TOTAL 112 + 53 + 501 = 666

Hope this helps Samraj R.  It has been a blessing to me.  The information where I found this was found at  under storacles lessons.

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In 1 Corinthians 13:1, Paul makes a distinction saying,

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a ringing gong or a clanging cymbal.

What are tongues of angels?

To pray in the spirit, I believe is a prayer which opens one up to a truer connection with God through the spirit as stated.

…but the Spirit itself makes intercession with groanings which cannot be uttered.

Very insightful Gene.  I definitely agree with that direction.


Gene wrote: "I think the SDA church tends to perhaps teach that anyone speaking in tongues now are speaking falsely or that this gift is no longer exist, or even that tongues is a foreign language."

I respect that, but I see it more being on guard from the made up gibberish.. You believe there is made up gibberish being credited as speaking in tongues right?

Also, if a person was speaking in tongues or different language, whether it be with GOD or to speak to people in their native language, would you agree a person would have to understand what is being said? Or someone there to interpret what is being said?

Because, if speaking in tongues is a form of communication, then understanding what is being said is a must in order to communicate, would you agree or no?

I believe if words are being spoken, then there must be edification... How can that take place without understanding what is being said?

The SDA don't shun people speaking in tongues, but more on guard for the gibberish being credited as the work of GOD. Speaking in different languages by the power of GOD is something SDA believes in... whether it be with GOD, Angels or humans. But it must edify the Church.

Thank you, blessings!
Rabbittroup: I really like what you said above, the reply that says 14 hours ago. I agree completely with your statement, as faith in Christ is most important. You are more Biblically centered then many here, which shows real honest to God wisdom. It appears that you read, study and think about the Word. That is very good.

God wants us to make the Word our own, not spoon fed, and not regurgitated out of the box, but based on understanding, after much thought. The Word is a rewarder to those who deligently search for the truth and the meaning and the reason behind the Word. God does not do things just on a whim. God has a purpose for everything He says, to whom He says it, when He says it, why He says it, and how He says it!

After all God is The Creator and the most intelligent, the most creative and artistic, the finest scientist, engineer, poet, writer, etc. as He inspires so much...and has done so much through Christ!
Raymond: irregardless of what you experienced, or perceived or misperceived, that does not negate the written Word of God. There are false prophets. According to your logic then all prophets are counterfeit.

You judge me according to your past, without justification. You make blanket statements denying all manifestations of Holy Spirit. Look fool, I have seen the crippled walk, the breach baby turn in the womb, and the Valley Fire stop and recede, flames dissolve immediately and rain fall to quench the fire.
My life, house and chattels are intact, as well as many other's, because of God, the manifestations including speaking in tongues. You blaspheme the Holy manifestations of God just like the Pharisees did accusing Jesus, Stephen, Paul, Peter and countless others.

You do so also judging all by your experience. Are all tongues counterfeit? Are all prophesies fake? Are all healings fake or of the Devil? You judge me and the Word of God by your experience and unbelief.
Jesus said those that believe will cast out demons and speak with new tongues, Peterand Paul are witnesses as well as myself against you, for denying God's power as promised in the Word because you maybe saw some false things by some people. I don't know what you saw, but you do not know what I saw either. I know my life, property and house are intact as well as the many miracles I have seen over the years. I rebuke your unbelief and blasphemy against the Word and power of God as promised in the name of Jesus Christ!

I am sick of unbelief and blasphemy and disrespect for God, His gift of Holy Spirit and His Holy manifestations. God gave two more manifestations of tongues with interpretation that were not in the Old Testament. God does not do such things on a whim, or without purpose.

Just because you have not manifested or seen the genuine manifestations, supposing your statements about counterfeits is true, is no reason to assume there is no genuine manifestations from God. If you understood the Word on this subject, and believed God you could do all nine manifestations as in the Book of Acts. Gifts is added in I Corinthians 12, 13 and 14 by the translator, all born again believers can do all nine manifestations. So don't go around blaspheming God's Word because you don't believe God's Word! If you have the true spirit of God, and believed the Word, by faith you could speak in tongues by the spirit of God and not counterfeit. But you would rather attack and delegate all manifestations as evil, without exception based on only your experience.

You have unbelief, ignorance and stubbornness all contrary to the Word. Did Paul speak in tongues falsely, did Jesus cast out spirits by Belzebub? You are in essence a mocking Pharisee, accusing all without evidence, knowledge or experience of the genuine. You have no teachers who know the genuine manifestations to teach you, and you certainly don't believe me, you don't believe the Word regarding the spirit of God that you profess to believe in and have.

Therefore, if you have the real spirit of God, then you can manifest Holy Spirit if you believe and desire to. Paul said "I thank my God I speak in tongues more than ye all." Now is Paul a counterfeit as well as Peter and most of the first century church? You might as well throw out the rest of the scriptures also and get honest, be an unbeliever, you don't believe what God says and the records in the Word. Believe God and stop blaspheming the Holy Spirit or get honest. The problem is not with the counterfeit, nor with me, nor with anyone else, you are responsible for your unbelief, not I, or anyone else.

I am sick of unbelief and blasphemy and disrespect for God, His gift of Holy Spirit and His Holy manifestations. God gave two more manifestations of tongues with interpretation that were not in the Old Testament. God does not do such things on a whim, or without purpose.

Are you upset because people here see you on the same level as themselves and not as prophet or teacher?  Making proclamations  does nothing  but rather a knowledge of the Bible is more impressive than a Charisma "thus says the Lord" from those who pick and choose which laws of God they will follow.  

Rabbit do you accept the writings of Paul? Do you understand everything he wrote and can you also explain it? Do you have questions for him?

BTW the writings of Paul is more difficult to understand than that of EGW.

Mr. French struggles with what Paul says about the Holy Spirit, so I believe what you are saying is true.

WRONG, I do not struggle with the writings of Paul. I understand how the Holy Spirit manifestations work, and have been privileged to see many great miracles, including a woman bound in a wheel chair walk for the first time in seven years, due to her faith and that of the house and house fellowship I was living in at the time.

We all prayed in tongues silently for her to walk, as inspired as she wanted to walk? It was like the Bbok of Acts in real life. That was a moment of great concentration, never to be forgotten. This was around 1978. The woman stayed with us for a couple of weeks, and she was running around the house cleaning and doing the dishes etc. It was wonderful!
You struggle with the Holy Spirit...quenching it.

You don't even have a clue, you are like those that talk about war but have never been in battle.

"Manifestations" you struggle my friend.  I do have a clue, I am a recovering Holy Roller.

No you struggle with your unbelief and ignorance, blaming others for your lack of faith. Get honest, believe God and stop blaspheming the Holy Spirit and its manifestations and stop teaching unbelief and being an example of unbelief. Believers believe God, and are responsible to God to believe what He says rightly divided, those things in the written, spoken and revealed Word of God, and I am not referring to the counterfeit. The believer is responsible for knowing the genuine from the counterfeit. You profess to be involved with the genuine, then you are responsible to believe God for the genuine and not follow the counterfeit. You attack others when the problem is your unbelief and fear of the counterfeit. You should have fear (respect) for God's Word, His spirit and His genuine manifestations, if God's spirit is genuine in you, then you should manifest the genuine spirit! You not believing God is your fault, no one else to blame.

Where there counterfeit spirits throughout history? You throw the baby out with the bath water. All water is dirty and counterfeit. God promises fountains of living waters, just because you haven't manifested it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. God says it exists, therefore it does.
Were there... correction, not Where there.
Reasoning anyone else; please read this information I recommend about the Holy Spirit.


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