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Here is a poem I wrote, hope you all like it I really needed to get these feelings out.

This is a poem I wrote, I think its ok. I really needed to write something down just to visualize and verbalize my insides if any of you got that. It really helps to speak honest true feelings of your hopelessness and then realizing the hope and you will see that at the end, this really helped me, hope all of you out there enjoy this little tidbit, I think there is something for everyone in this little poem.

"looking up as my redemption draws nigh, running the race it seems that my pace is falling shy. Im trying everyday to remain tame, to refrain from shame, by the end of the day I'm confused and spiritually drained. 

Reaching deep down inside my core, for the power I had before, but its empty theres nothing more than self willed motivation waging war for the title to my hearts door. There you will see Jesus knocking and pleading bold persistence, the flesh is cold and offers only stubborn resistance, seek Jesus and be relieved of spiritual ignorance or desire the flesh and have a meaningless existence.
Pick one or the other because you can't have it all, Jesus is pleading His blood and catching me when I fall, the other side offers distraction from the divine call.
Please Jesus listen and hear me when I yell, I never left you my son its you who tripped and fell. Im always near you and I'm here to redeem your life, claim isaiah 41:10 and then you'll regain your sight.
when you call I will heed and come to your need on the mercy seat I will bleed and then you will be freed.
I am the way, the truth, and life give yourself to me my son and come out of the night. Come back to the light your not alone in this spiritual war-fight.
when you are feeling down, sad, or wanting heaven thats when you claim psalms 28:7, or drop to your knees and cry psalms 42:11.
When you can't overcome and you want to be freed, utter the holy words from john 16:33, the bible will open your eyes so once again you can see.
Jesus knows me when I sit, and when I stand up, and He's the only one that can truly fill my cup." -Andrew Fields

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Great poem Andrew Thank  you.


Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! 

Very inspiring. Keep writing.


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