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"You are an ignorant and sorry excuse for a human being. As I told you before if you want to refer to me by my surname then its Mr Umraw to you.

Its called respect, something that you lack greatly.

It seems that you are devoid of simple understanding and lack the mental capacity to understand that this is a predominantly SDA site.

We discuss serious topics based on the Word of God, not that airy fairy garbage that you keep spewing out.

You seriously need to consider seeking professional help from a Bible believing minister or seek out the professional service of a psychiatrist.

I really pity you because its people like you that give Christianity a bad name. You claim that I am a luciferian  but yet you give credibility to the demon by capitalising his name.  You know nothing and understand nothing of God or His Word. Please refrain from including me in your tirade of abusive accusations as you are an extremely ignorant and arrogant person.

You just rubbed me up the wrong way james french because you are a disrespectful and sorry excuse for a being - not entirely sure what you, human or demon."

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What is the purpose of this discussion? Mudslinging?

Why not ask Mr. Umraw and Elijah.

The fact that this thread still exists demonstrates the lack of moderation on this board - and more importantly the complete lack of self-moderation by the OP. At least 7 of the site rules have been broken.

It also demonstrates the sorry state that the site has fallen to. Until relatively recently this site was the go-to site for those who want to know current SDA thinking on the various topics. It was also THE site for SDAs to discuss amongst themselves the various topics with thousands of active members.

Sadly members were not able to self-moderate and after several threats it appears that the owner has abandoned the site. This has left two major problems:

1. The continued inability of members to self-moderate. All members fail at some point in this regard but there are some who seem to think that rudeness and being "an accuser of the brethren" make an effective replacement for reasoned argument. The first rule of the site is to be loving in responses, the last rule is simply that if you ever feel justified for being negative or antagonistic toward another person...  prayerfully see rule #1 and DON'T.

This is a simple rule and there are no excuses for not following the pattern of Christ. Put simply the summary of all the rules is: be Christlike.

2. An infection of non-SDAs who insist on disrupting discussion. There are non-SDA posters on this board who have lied to gain the ability to post. Not only does this show utmost disrespect for the site and other users but also follows the Jesuit tactic of justifying breaking the law of God "for the greater good". 

The sad thing is that whilst we have no moderation there is no way to stop someone wreaking havoc on the board just because they want to. Lack of self-control, no humility, ego-driven self-righteousness and no concern for the feelings of others or how the image of Christianity is dragged into the mud allows infiltrators to insult and deride all in their path whilst attempting to play the victim. The hypocrisy of it all is staggering.

Unless there is a concerted effort by all posters on this site to follow the rules this board will soon be truly dead.

Oh Elijah can accuse me of "Strange Fire," which judgment from God ended in the two sons of Aaron being killed by fire, and its OK with you that Umraw said the wicked things he said, including the evil and down and dirty false accusation of mental illness and that I am dangerous. I use words, I guess thats dangerous to you guys?

That is totally disgusting and demonic. I demand and apology, NOW!

You people are hypocritical, and outrageous. I just wanted a discussion, but you guys make that difficult with your illogic, you can't address my questions, points and issues, and the truth, thats what pisses you guys off, your little spirits get you all upset. If I am so wrong, and so ignorant etc. as you guys say, then why are you so upset. 


Theres about 4 or 5 of you that are absolutely the gate keepers, the protectors of the establishment, irregardless of scriptures, logic, all opposition must be destroyed by any means possible. You guys are the arrogant proud of your selves, never questioning anything. Your ones to talk about Christ-like behavior and attitudes.

You guys make my want to vomit. Your foul spirited.

I will newer  apologize to you ever. Your unchristian behaviour are detestable. It is clear to me that the Spirit of God does not reside in you.


I have never accused you of not being saved or born again, have I?

You play the dirtiest of pool, like Umraw, PastorT, and Mr. All Seeing Eye. You are the four gate keepers of the Apostasy, rather thats just a joke. Not everything here is apostasy. There are some really classy nice people here, that get along with me despite our doctrinal difference. Thats because those that are really spiritually in tune and maybe more wise and mature, know that there is a big body of Christ out there and that Spirit is thicker than blood, even though blood is thicker than water.

Mutinta Mutinta was angry and argumentative. But one day he saw the light, even though he still disagreed in the topic, he apologized and I thanked him, We haven't had a problem since. I have a lot of respect for him. You say there is unchristian behavior by me, have you checked out what you and others have said, including your saying I am not born again?

I know who I believe in, I have assurance from God's Word and the spirit of God no matter what you say;

Ephesians 1:13 "In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,  14Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory." Unless someone gets revelation; discerning of spirits to the contrary, we are not supposed to say who will ascend up to heaven or who will descend into hell. Despite how you sometimes make me mad, I would never accuse you of not being born again.

James said, "You people are ..."

This post is a prime example of the ugliness that is being objected to. Such displays of ego and self-pity coupled with rude and abusive language encapsulate the problem.

Your continued refusal to abide by the rules displays a continued and wilful dishonesty and disrespect for others on this board. It does not reflect a God of love and shows contempt for the Commandments of God.

I do not believe that we need to be taught commandment-breaking and lying, in fact that is exactly what we are against.

I wonder if you truly realise how much you expose yourself with each post.

Mr. All Seeing Eye Guy:

The fact that you still show the Luciferian All Seeing Eye BigBrother file as your identity is proof you are a Luciferian. No good standing Christian who was made aware of the Luciferian symbol you proudly show off and mock Christ with would continue to do so after being made aware, if he was ignorant of such.

I don't believe you are that ignorant and you know what you are doing.

I agree with you there. I have been falsely accused of being demonic, controlled, Kundalini spirit, slain in the spirit, of being a sorry excuse of a human being, of being occultic, charismatic ( I am not Charismatic), of lying, of bad motives, of being dangerous as well many other things, including you and Umraw accusation of mental illness, which is the dirtiest low down deplorable thing to do!

Divergent views and freedom of speech is to be protected, encouraged and not attacked with character assasination. But when attacked people get defensive. There are some here more open minded and critical of some of the circle the wagons mentality. My intent is reform and revealing lost truths of the sacred secrets revealed to Paul for the betterment of the spiritual church, the one body of Christ.

No truth has been lost what is needed for salvation is in the Bible Jesus said. 

Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Jesus did not add and babble strange things that no one understands.  

You are totally wrong, things have been lost, you guys never heard of the musterion that Paul says we need to obey, be stewards of, and there is the fellowship of the musterion (mystery in transliterated English) thats why we don't see as often great power of God as in the Book of Acts. Salvation, there is enough, but much has been lost, you don't even have a clue...and you don't want to. Go ahead, call everything demonic, Kabbalah etc.

James said, "...and you don't want to."

So if you recognise this, why are you trying to force us? Do you believe in coercion in religion or do you believe that people have the right and freedom to believe what they want? So hypocritical to claim the right to freedom of speech so that you can deny others the freedom of belief.


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