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"You are an ignorant and sorry excuse for a human being. As I told you before if you want to refer to me by my surname then its Mr Umraw to you.

Its called respect, something that you lack greatly.

It seems that you are devoid of simple understanding and lack the mental capacity to understand that this is a predominantly SDA site.

We discuss serious topics based on the Word of God, not that airy fairy garbage that you keep spewing out.

You seriously need to consider seeking professional help from a Bible believing minister or seek out the professional service of a psychiatrist.

I really pity you because its people like you that give Christianity a bad name. You claim that I am a luciferian  but yet you give credibility to the demon by capitalising his name.  You know nothing and understand nothing of God or His Word. Please refrain from including me in your tirade of abusive accusations as you are an extremely ignorant and arrogant person.

You just rubbed me up the wrong way james french because you are a disrespectful and sorry excuse for a being - not entirely sure what you, human or demon."

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The above quote is from the discussion "The Filling Of The Holy Spirit." page 3 at the top.

Yes I did see it and by and large he is right. I myself would not have gone all out like that. But in reality he is right. Your superior Airs about the spirit and all the abilities you have. Rubishing SDA's because they do not praise the devil like you do. Really Bro what do you expect, you fit in here like a square peg in a round hole and you are using a hammer to make it fit.   

Image result for square peg in round hole image

Hi Elijah

Hope you are well brother.

Unfortunately diplomacy does not seem to work james french as he is always on the defensive which makes him an extremely dangerous character to converse with.

He has this uncanny ability to twist words and take things out of context to try and win sympathisers.

I hardly frequent this forum anymore but my wife is on here daily reading the topics and discussions. As she has been denied the opportunity of being a member due to admin not processing her request to date, she uses my account.

Being a God fearing and passive women she too is flabbergasted at the behaviour of james french so much so I have now asked her not to frequent this site and as such will consider deleting this account.

This character is trying to change 170 years of church teaching and fearful study of God's Word with wishy washy non Biblical doctrine that he explains as "feelings".

I am so glad that I do not base my belief and trust in God based on feelings but by His unchanging Word.

If you have taken exception to what I stated about james french above then my sincere apologies.


I am as disgusted as you Gerald about James behaviour. I am sad that you feel you need to close your account here. Let me advice you that there may newer be a second chance as I understand that the site is not moderated at all. As Mr Clark the owner has been indisposed by what I do not know. So you see one day the whole show may close altogether. And that is most unfortunate as I have enjoyed discussing things here with like minded persons like you and others. And it is a shame that a person like James can ruin the whole thing like that. 

It has been a pure Joy to make friends with you Gerald I do hope you will stay here who knows if the site may be like it was of old, with a moderator who can weed out obnoxious members like James, who has not made any positive contribution what so ever.


And  you call this brotherhood. Ian, so much hate and so little time.



Surprise surprise, Why do you not make friends with Brother James seems like he has not many here with his happy clapping ways. Introducing strange fire and thinks we will take to it as ducks to water. 

Why do you call me brother? You hate me, even though I believe in Christ? You do not treat me as a joint heir in Christ, nor as an elder, nor as a minister of the Gospel, nor as a Son of God, as a seeker and researcher of the truth and the spirit.

You treat me worse than an unbeliever, and we are not supposed to mistreat even them. And you do the same to Leon. Watch that you do not become what your supposedly fighting.


Perhaps, you may see disagreement as a weapon and respond with defensive fire. How about polite discussion and working from common ground to find value in each other. You are both Gods creation and highly valued. Neither is right about everything, if you were why would you need God.


You are reasonable Leon, and you show restraint, I have always disliked the evil spouting some individuals have done against you without justification. Some here, a very few act like pharisees, and misunderstand like a Pharisee. The SDA Pharisees. Law Law Law, but no love, no compassion, just hate, hate for what they don't know, believe or understand!

Yes thanks for the lecture Leon, I find it hard to find anything in common with a charismatic. He may find something in common with the catholics who has some charismatic divisions.  

Thanks for your comment Leon, then they attack you! What else is new? I see they are always saying bad assumptions about you also. Disagree is one thing, hate is another. See how religion can drive people to hate, and even attack my stating scriptures. They don't have to speak in tongues, or the other manifestations, but attack thiose that do and do so decently and in order. Walking with God is listening and believing the written, spoken and revealed word of God. They attacked the prophesy I received that fits with scripture, they attack my stating verses about how God wants the church to operate. Paul said I would that ye all speak in tongues...and that what he wrote is the commandments of God.

God doesn't force anyone to speak in tongues, but attacking those that do so in an orderly and according to what Paul said, well they are attacking what God desires and what God purposes, as He God empowers the manifestations. They should argue with God!

So are you saying that we should accept every spirit? I don't think anyone here hate anyone even those who oppose Jesus. They may hate the things they do and say but they don't hate the individual...  


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