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 There has been a death in the family. The Heritage singers have forgotten their heritage.

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You mean to say music you don't like.  And that's okay.

well mace did say that some may like their music, some may not,

and that if you dont like it, it will only last 3 minutes and it did

they have a combined repertoire of old and new

fast and slow, but the message was still the same

they were reaching out to people who needed a blessing

every time they give a concert

isnt it for what it does would be what we should focus more into?

isnt it for what it does would be what we should focus more into?"

Yes, and that is my concern. Have you listened to the messages on music by Pastor Ivor Myers, Pastor Dwayne Lemon, or musician Christian Berdhal ?

If she listened to the messages those pastors and Christian Berdhal told us, she would know "what it does," right Kevin?



Lemon sounds appropriate.

 What depth of argument you have. Well, you use whatever you can come up with even if its making fun of a pastor's name.

You have no argument other than you don't like it.  Too bad.

Just watch and see where this music goes and the theology it embraces.

I do.  And the theology you embrace does not come from scripture.

Well, it has gotten into the Adventist churches, even the instruments with the rock and heavy drums.


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