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on another thread someone asked a list of Questions

deserves its own thread with answers more filled out

thanku for your thoughtfullness

and seem to not to have the 'gotcha' question and litmus test spirit which GOD hates

Hi MFG, 

Teach me something...i have wanted to ask a gay person. Never had a  chance. This is in no way trying to judge. I just want to hear the other side honest answer. Am sure you have faced similar questions before


hi GBU

thanku for asking

most just run to judgement and have no care to enter it God's way
in relationship

1. Are you gay?

2. If so when did you discover?

3. Were you raised in a happy mother and father family.  

4. Do you believe sex before marriage is wrong? Are u marriad?

5. Could you give  an example of a gay marriad couple in the bible  or any hint of God sanctioning gay relationships? This is the most important question, kindly make it priority.

6. What do u make of Jesus saying," so shall a man leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife. The two shall become one flesh". Can it also apply to gay? If so, why?

7. Do you think it was God's ideal, intention, for a man to have sex with another man? Or vice versa?


Are you gay?

1. Yes, very much so Gay

Gay Gay Gay

o yes did i say i was gay?

If so when did you discover?

2.when i was 12 or 13 but in hind site i was a very gay lil boy and toddler

(i have  very early memories of the minuet of life)

btw i was upset and profoundly depressed and  suicidal when i figured it out and tried to kill myself a few years later .. i prayed for years for GOD to make me a lil straight boy/man- i would have died if anyone found out  - i hated myself and GOD for years _God has done such a work in my heart towards HIM and me and others


to combat such evil in ourselves and others

Were you raised in a happy mother and father family? family was not Christian and i will just leave it at that in an open forum or perhaps start a thread on that maybe later-in relationship i can share more in private BTW 

in a SDA 8th grade class of 39 kids-9 turned out gay from Christian Families .. and i know many gays who grew up happy and others not so much

pssst.. heads up! .. each gay and their story is as different as their fingerprints ! u know like the straights!!! hmmm what a thought :)

Do you believe sex before marriage is wrong? Are u married?

4.yes sex before marriage is wrong though it don't stop many

with all the STD's and fornication and abortions and children out of wedlock and single mothers and fornication  and rapes and sexual molestation in and out of collages and military - why do we focus (from our Church  and others into Politics) on a small percentage of gays wanting to live their own lives?

so much money and time and talents is spent on not sharing the GOSPEL

I am not Married

Could you give  an example of a gay married couple in the bible  or any hint of God sanctioning gay relationships? This is the most important question, kindly make it priority.


5. i made a thread regarding this possibility- it made more than a few upset  not realizing that GOD healed no matter what - HE couldn't help it! amen -good news to all who are here!!!!!

-doubt if they were married though cause as far as i know marriage was not an option just like it is not in many states -but they were definitely in a relationship

What do u make of Jesus saying," so shall a man leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife. The two shall become one flesh". Can it also apply to gay? If so, why?

6. yes indeed JESUS is addressing Divorce ... ONE WIFE FOR LIFE

Matt 19:.

And Pharisees came to Him and put Him to the test by asking, Is it lawful and right to dismiss and repudiate and divorce one’s wife for any and [a]every cause?

He replied, Have you never read that He Who made them from the beginning made them male and female,

And said, For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and shall be united firmly (joined inseparably) to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh?


and others read more into it - as only man and woman can get married .. I am glad for myself  i don't have to answer those questions for myself cause I am NOT THE MARRYING SORT

Adam and Eve and JESUS is the Earthly GODHEAD as an example to the universe - amen _the Plural become the Singular!

God does not force His way on anyone -all are free to Choose

.. and some gays do become one flesh in their own non traditional way

 well God's intention is for the Husband to love His Wife as God loves the Church for Life

but alas i see everything but that in my own church

BTW the Christians were not out there rallying against 'No fault Divorce" !! Marriage is sacred! gays see right thru the hypocrisy

many don't act like their own marriage is sacred but it is easy to go after someone else

(not a Christian Virtue)

Do you think it was God's ideal, intention, for a man to have sex with another man? Or vice versa?

7. Paul even states its not even good to marry seeing that Christ is coming soon _is that God's Intention??? - so maybe no one should get married? well i don't see that happening- the heart wants what the heart wants ( i do not know any Christian who does not ever cherry pick their own liking) and besides we have all those wonderful testimonies of people finding their perfect soul mates shared on 3ABN as of late

It is not God's Intention for men to have sex with each other

God has many attributes that we dont even recognize or understand

The God of Concessions  for instance

its a LOVE thang- a product of working with you as where u are at right now

HE works like that in the Nation of Israel also - that is is one of the reasons why we see so many inconsistencies thru out the the Whole Old Testament

one wife or two? hundreds of concubines (Sex Slaves) ? many widowed and taken care of?

war and killing everything in site? or letting God take care of that?

slavery?misogyny?rasism? mutilated or defiled in the temple? fluids?

the list is endless of God dealing with all and not by the book

if u look at JESUS He broke all kinds of Levitical laws and even GOD Himself said no more sacrifices

I myself am a celibate Christian and my buddy of 26 years  is a celibate  Christian also (what are the odds to find such like mindedness - Yes GOD is that good and powerful)

sex is a force of Nature-only the Surpernatural can tame it

Praise GOD

i dont give yes and no answers mostly on this topic even though its very cut and dry for most

God is not black and white HE is all the Colours of the Rainbow -His Seal that is around His Own Throne

oh and id i say i was a CHRISTIAN?


uhhh did i say that i was a CHRISTIAN

God is mighty to Save even the likes of you

and meeeeeeeeee


 if our church studied the 6 verses that  most say condems homosexual acts as we study the state of the dead in our own heritage -

our church might come up with a  very different understanding

 the state of the dead was so cut and dry for hundreds of years

.....till a group actually looked actually looked closer



GBU All here!

the following is for people who want to get to know me better

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Suffice to say your post is yet another try to justify LGTB Lifestyle.


I wonder what would happen if you replaced the terms gay with adulterer.  It seems the WOPE is overjoyed with anything homosexual even when practiced.  It is like their pet sin.  However, other sins tend to offend them greatly.  Ironically, God views breaking any of His commandments equally.

Ah, but earlier we established that being gay is not a sin.

Ah, is having an adulterous orientation a sin then?

Would it be with in the rules of AO to do a parody of this by inserting the word "ADULTRY" in place of gay and homosexual?  Is it normal for someone to identify with a sinful nature rather than the transforming power of Christ?   For example I do not introduce myself as a fornicating adultery SDA Christian because in the past I did those things.  Is there not shame? Are only heterosexual  supposed to feel shame? I do not get it in the context it is used here.  I understand that some one would say former drug user or former gang member as a way to glorify God in what they were saved from.  How silly would it be to say I am a potty mouth Christian because I slip up if I smash a finger or drop something.  I just do not understand this way of thinking that is pushed on these threads.

Being gay and committing adultery have nothing to do with each other, straight people commit adultery as well.  You have to commit adultery to be an adulterer.  Being gay is kind of like being Italian, there is nothing you do to become gay.

You are afraid of gays and are fabricating a reason to say that they are committing a sin just by existing. 

Now I see why you support WO...

"Being gay is kind of like being Italian"? Do you know what the bible said able homosexuality? 

Where does the Bible say about being a celebate gay? Do you think that gays wake up in the morning and have already committed a sin just by existing?

What about celibate adulterers, fornicators, non-practicing murderers?  They would all seem to be in your subset as acceptable.  Unless, of course, you are celebrating one sin and shunning others?

You still don't understand Heisenberg.  To be a murderer you have to sin, to be gay you do not have to sin.  Much different.  Do you think that gays are sinning even if they are celibate?

So can these homosexuals marry? should they remain celibate forever, taking into account what Paul said that is it better to marry then to burn with passion?

They can get a civil marriage if they want, but it would not be a Biblical marriage - that is reserved for a man and a woman.


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