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There has always been controversy about what happened to the Nazis, well the ones that didn’t get a job at Nasa. Recently a TV show called Mysteryquest finally got permission from the Russian government to study Hitler’s skull. Supposedly they found that this skull believed to be Hitler’s may actually be the skull of a woman.

Well hopefully they will find him… but anyways to digress another far more important Hitler is missing… the ‘Hitler’ that got the real Adolf started on his path. This Hitler is “Evolution’s Hitler,” who is he you ask. Well the problem with evolution is the argument of randomness, think about true randomness, think how many places on your body you can grow a useless finger over a million years without it preventing your survival. If you started to grow a finger on your back though useless it would not prevent your survival, we know mother nature, whoever that is, allows many mistakes and diseases, so you can’t argue that a useless finger would never develop because it would steal energy from the body… there are plenty of diseases that steal energy from the body… and they develop fine. So then if evolution is true, as Jerry Coyne would put it, how does a truly random situation prevent all those survivable diseases and abnormalities. I don’t want to gross you out but imagine all the different places you can grow a finger without it killing you. So why haven’t you randomly grown fingers in those places. And if one of your potential ancestors grew fingers in the wrong place randomly who was the Hitler who committed inhumane acts against them?

Don’t worry I am not making light of the Holocaust, but I actually think maybe one of the reasons Adolf became Hitler is because he imagined it was his duty to be Evolution’s Hitler. He may have thought it was providence, nothing or no one else was killing all the slightly imperfect people; it is interesting that Evolution’s Hitler is missing because that aspect of evolution is the most controversial and evil. It really proves that God is good and one has to create or invent evil, as Darwin did.

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I believe it is your arguments that do not belong on a Christian website.

Please do not let the Devil speak through you...

My arguments were fair and just...

Fair and just arguments can bring pain...

My main question to you is whether or not you have a counter argument or a counter claim or simply can present a Bible verse that refutes my opinions on Hitler and evolution.
Sorry I have processed your argument with my brain and I find no counter claim.
One person responded to my argument...

Which according to your 'logic' should in fact give me the right no the responsibility to engage that one person.

Without the Devil's interruptions.
Please stop think then talk... what is your problem with explaining the logic of Hitler and how it can be attributed to the theory of evolution?

Telling such truths is the only way to prevent history from repeating itself.

It seems you want another holocaust... if wanting another holocaust doesn't classify as insensitive, I don't know what would.

Only a liar hates truth!
It is kinda 'funny' to me I stopped posting here, and in forums generally, for a reason; the Devil usually raises some random person up against me usually having no counterargument. That person just puts their heart and soul into getting me to stop talking...

The only reason I came on here was to move some of my friends to facebook...


Then I noticed a person wanted info on how to register to my blog so I responded. Now all this.


The Devil's at work.

"The only reason I came on here was to move some of my friends to facebook..."

That would be against the rules friend.
Hitler still missing according to Mysteryquest

So what...........what has that got to do with anything?
I think the point of asking you to take this off is because it IS insensitive to the folks who may have a very bad story in the family about the persecution and holocaust...As John P. said, many Jewish people will not even drive a German automobile due to the pain and suffering of this action..

We all know that evolution is a baseless theory... given by demonic inspiration, if you ask me..I mean, everyone on here says they are SDA just by thier very presence, as one has to state belief systems to join...

I read this, and I really dont see the point behind the thread..What are you trying to get across??...Evolutions Hitler would, I would think, be FOR the deformities just BECAUSE they believe that things ARE random..I just think you are making a point with kind of a counterproductive argument...I mean, why would someone who BELIEVES in randomness be AGAINST something that may PROVE this??

These deformities you speak of, would do just that, if they really believe this..

Just my thoughts..

And, again, what is the point of this topic?...Are you speaking to the choir, here?...We all agree that evolution is bunk..
The Papacy supported him.
Interesting! I have a movie that I want you to watch if you have not already. It's called " Expelled " and it is hosted by none other than Ben Stein ( I never imagined him doing a movie like this ). It addresses the dangers of teaching only evolution in our public schools from elementary on up to College and I think he touches on just the point you made. By the careful in the way you present your point, It is a bit of a sore spot.
Hello yes I have seen that film, I just started a post on this subject.


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