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A God opportunity that I have hungered after for 40 years,” said Ben Jones, president of the South Central Conference, and chair of the Tuesday morning, December 6, devotional session where Pastor Tricia Wynn-Payne of Indiana had challenged her congregation to “Wait for It.”

As many as 1,000 attendees heard Pastor Wynn-Payne speak from Acts 1:4, where the resurrected Jesus commanded His disciples to “wait for the promise of the Father.” “Powerful,” said Anthony Medley, pastor of the Emmanuel Brinklow congregation in Ashton, Maryland. And Pastor Lola Moore said, “It was obvious that spiritual warfare took place before. We become overwhelmed by the enormity of the assignment and turn inward to focus on our skills set. But it was evident to me that the preacher took her own words seriously: she waited for it. She waited for the Holy Spirit to do His work in her.” Her ministry gave “unmistakable” evidence of “God’s handiwork,” said Jesse Wilson, director of the Pastoral Evangelism and Leadership Council [PELC], a ministerial training program that meets annually at Oakwood University.

“The Holy Spirit showed up and took us by surprise.”

The results were spiritually stunning. “Pastor Tricia disrupted everything,” one attendee said; “The Holy Spirit showed up and took us by surprise.” Pastor Wynne-Payne herself, a trained physical therapist who left her nets in response to God’s call to pastoral ministry, says that she is still processing what happened yesterday. The message and worship experience so disrupted the proceedings that organizers spontaneously invited those who were interested to gather in one of the meeting rooms to pray. The next meeting scheduled for that room was long delayed as the prayer session continued for more than an hour. One after another, with no pause between prayers, pastors, administrators, and lay people lifted their voices and hearts to God in confession of sin, surrender to the Spirit’s will, and pleas for His anointing in their lives as well as His church’s program here on earth at the end of time.

As Elder Jones made final remarks and the solemn yet thrilling spiritual experience drew to its close, someone offered a comment that was pregnant with allusion to the historical experience that inspired Pastor Wynn-Payne’s sermon [see Acts 1:15]: he had counted the number of people in the room—not a straightforward task, since people were crowded in against the walls and squeezed into corners. Nevertheless, he wanted it to be known that about 120 individuals had been praying in the room.    

Adventist Review December 8 2016 by Lael Caesar 

Here we see the "Holy Spirit" if it is, make itself known, if it was makes one wonder why would the Holy Spirit contradict itself? We have had the GC Session a little more than a year ago where the Holy Spirit told us we are not to have female pastors. This has now been said in 3 sessions, are the church hard of hearing God's will? As it says in revelation:

Rev 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

To me that says that there will be a false out pouring of the Holy Spirit. Like the story of Elijah on Mount Carmel where God set fire to the altar dedicated to Him. We will see fire in our time and it will not be on God's altar.  


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If there was a spirit there is was not the Holy spirit. 

True Jason Thanks for your comment 

Sad, I have heard this language before in churches I ran away from.

True Bart and sadly we will hear more and more of this as time wears on 

Spiritual things are spiritually "discerned," that is by the written Word of God, The Spoken Word of God (Prophesy), and the revealed Word of God (Word or message of Knowledge, Message of Wisdom, Discerning of Spirits).

Many believers have difficulty understanding the written Word of God, and how many Christians have prophesied lately? A very small minority at best,
How many Christians hear the voice of The Lord? Some even on this site accuse others who practice the presence of God and listen for revelation, call such people counterfeit, of the Devil etc. Even Divine tongues and other manifestations of the holy spirit (genuine I am referring to, not counterfeit spirit, are mocked, by those who have no understanding or experience in "walking by the spirit."

For example of misunderstanding the written Word of God. Many Christians including SDA do not know that the italicized words in the King James version have no Divine Authority (no equivalent in Greek or Hebrew, not in original text).

For example, in I Corinthians 12:1 "Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant." The word gifts is italicized and is therefore devoid of authority, was not in the original text. The word spiritual is the word pneumaticos, which means spiritual matters or things. Therefore God does not want us to be ignorant of spiritual matters or things.

In I Corinthians 13:2 "And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing." Again the word gift is italicized in the KJV of 1611. Therefore it has no divine authority whatsoever.

The word mysteries is musterion, Greek for sacred or divine secrets, which Paul spoke of but was transliterated (not translated, transliteration is taking letters or word from one language and bringing it into another language) into mystery. We are supposed to be knowledgeable of, stewards of and fellowship and be obedient to the sacred secrets revealed to Paul by the revelation of Jesus Christ. How many Christians even know what those sacred secrets are? The secrets were revealed to the first century church through Paul the apostle, but have been lost even while Paul was alive, as all Asia turned away from Paul the apostle.
Romans 16:25-27 " Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began,
Rom 16:26 But now is made manifest, and by the scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith:
Rom 16:27 To God only wise, be glory through Jesus Christ for ever. Amen." See all uses of "mystery" which actually is the word musterion in Greek, a most significant word used by the holy spirit.

Again in I Corinthians 14:12 "Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual gifts, seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church." Again the word gifts was added by the translator, having no divine authority whatsoever.

There is the gift of the holy spirit, which is given to every believer. There is the gift ministries which are given to the church (the body of Christ) for its edification and perfecting of the saints. But the words gifts used without divine authority, not being in the original texts, has caused great lack of power of the holy spirit as most do not know the above or that the holy spirit gives every believer the ability to operate in love all nine manifestations (not gifts) of holy spirit. This is why the First Century Church as recorded in the Book of Acts was so dynamic. God has not changed, the holy spirit has not changed, only our believing and understanding is lacking.

So what Paul was saying in I Corinthians chapter 13:2 was even if you prophesy, you know the sacred secrets, have all knowledge, are able to remove mountains by faith, (these are all good things to have and do), but have not the love of God which is called charity, you are nothing. All things are supposed to be motivated by the love of God, including all of the manifestations of holy spirit.

The church to a great extent (meaning the body of Christ) has not followed the written Word of God, has rejected or not even believed to operate prophesy, or the other manifestations of holy spirit and have quenched the spirit, rejecting and even attacking those that try to inspire them to listen to the still small voice of The Lord, etc. That includes myself, as I have been attacked and accused by some here, who have no experience or understanding of the above and have probably never or have little manifestation of holy spirit at all. Holy spirit cannot be seen, but it can be manifested, made known by the 9 manifestations of holy spirit, that are not gifts. The receiving of holy spirit gives the believers the God-given ability to manifest the power of God. Jesus said so, Paul said so. God said so.

People use the excuse of God hasn't given me the "gift." Or people are sitting around waiting for some gift, which they already have; holy spirit. Those that attack the true operations of the holy spirit and quench the spirit, or operate unholy spirit such as the Kundalini spirit we see evident in many church buildings, will have to answer to God.

On the positive note, those that seek earnestly will find, knock and the door shall be opened. Many Christians in many denominations or outside who left such for good reasons, have sought the truth and the power of the holy spirit and have learned to walk by the spirit of the true God. But much has been lost since the Book of Acts, and these are the end times, and God is still waiting for those who will rise up and believe Him, and His Words, written, spoken, and as revealed.

I say without boasting, but rather in humility and thanks, that the Lord has revealed to me over many years to learn and see and hear great things, yet I have also suffered great times of oppression and hardship. The one thing the Devil hates and does not want to see is believers actually operating the power of God in love, to raise the dead, to bring sight to the blind, to release those captive by demons, or in prison, to bind the wounds and heal the sick and the broken hearted. As Jesus said, which is easier, to forgive sins or to heal?

May the Lord lead those that seek His voice and understanding, and learn to follow Christ in love and in power through the leading of the written, spoken and revealed Word of God, in the name of Jesus Christ, The Son of God.

Almost ran out of internet James.

Great stuff James! Good to see you here again. it's been a while :)

Thank you Janny for your kind comment. The love of God is what not only motivates but also binds believers together, which is spiritual and should not be limited to denominational lines of demarcation, but rather the love of God and the power and truth should be a witness and a characteristic and a sign.

Kindness is a characteristic of the Holy Spirit and of the fruit of the spirit, and also shows renewed mind in the believer. An important part of the sacred secrets (musterion) given to Paul by revelation of Jesus Christ is THE ONE BODY OF CHRIST, THE CHURCH, TO WHICH CHRIST IS THE HEAD. The musterion covers vast and deep subjects such as the new birth. Our standing as sons of God, our sonship rights which are righteousness, justification, sanctification, redemption and the ministry of reconciliation.

These are all important, as well as the nine manifestations of holy spirit, the gift ministries, and the fellowship of the musterion. The greatness of all these things are primarily in the writings of Paul, especially in the seven church epistles of Romans through Thessalonians.

But so much was lost during Paul's life and afterwards with the take over of the church starting with Emperor Constantine with the sword of the emperor literally at the throat of church leaders onwards and the domination of the Catholic Church and other denominations, where men are at the top instead of Christ.

The headship of Christ and the body of Christ working in unity and as directed by the Holy Spirit is most important. On top of all that we have the rule of men not only by denominational lines, but the government under 501(C)(3) IRS jurisdiction and control, and instead of corporate body of Christ rules we have man made incorporation jurisdiction and rules and mindset in almost all of Christianity. It was that wicked man LBJ as a congressman that brought us the 501(C)(3) that all the churches swallowed, though not required to follow, that further corrupted the churches. Once a bad practice (practical error) is established, then it becomes a doctrinal error eventually over time and gets rooted and grounded.

Examples of these errors contrary to the musterion (sacred secrets) are numerous, you can see Paul dealing with these in his writings. The thing the Devil hates most is the truth manifested in power through love of God in the renewed mind. The true manifestations of God are signs, a witness and a glory to God for man's benefit, to profit with all. Not to glorify the individual, so we come full circle back to the gifts issue, to which many have glorified themselves and made money and fame, and worship by glorying in gifts of the spirit, raising themselves up above other believers and making many feel inadequate as they don't have the gift of fill in the blank...

I have been teaching and preaching for 41 years that every believer has the full measure of Holy Spirit and that we all are equal in Christ, none is better than another as we are all saved sinners, but we can all manifest the power of the Holy Spiri. A true follower will not glorify himself, but glorify the true God, let him that glorieth, be glorified in The Lord, Amen!

I know these things are hard to accept and understand, though they be true, but pure unadulterated Christianity has hardly and is rarely seen since The Book of Acts period!

This is a sad commentary, and we are in the age of apostasy, a falling away from God. But The Lord shall return as promised, as God always keeps His Word and promises. I am waiting for the mockers and critics?

I have been teaching and preaching for 41 years that every believer has the full measure of Holy Spirit

I can respect your service to the Lord but life is just to short to be honest. I have no doubt the Holy Spirit is working in your life and is and has lead you to do good things.  

I recently watched my beloved sister die from cancer. She was a Charismatic Christian like you and I was also.  There were two camps of people around her bedside.  There were the word of faith, holy roller type who would make a spectacle and great noise and repeat the same words and only stay for a short while and then there were her many SDA friends who did the actual hospice work of comforting her and cleaning her which was so difficult I could barely deal with it.  

Is the Holy Spirit loud clanging unintelligible language  and cause people repeat words over and over and be long winded or was the Holy Spirit with those who had to do difficult work?

I'm really sorry about your sister Raymond

SO can the Holy Spirit change your attitude? If you have 'operated' the holy spirit for so long why do you still have that attitude? 

"Some even on this site accuse others who practice the presence of God and listen for revelation,"

practice the presence of God? is this godly?

"Even Divine tongues..."

you mean demon tongues? 

"the holy spirit gives every believer the ability to operate in love all nine manifestations (not gifts) of holy spirit."

where is this found in the bible? How can you 'operate' the Holy Spirit? 

I remember explaining to you the mystery which Paul spoke of. Do you still hold on to your errors? 



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