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A God opportunity that I have hungered after for 40 years,” said Ben Jones, president of the South Central Conference, and chair of the Tuesday morning, December 6, devotional session where Pastor Tricia Wynn-Payne of Indiana had challenged her congregation to “Wait for It.”

As many as 1,000 attendees heard Pastor Wynn-Payne speak from Acts 1:4, where the resurrected Jesus commanded His disciples to “wait for the promise of the Father.” “Powerful,” said Anthony Medley, pastor of the Emmanuel Brinklow congregation in Ashton, Maryland. And Pastor Lola Moore said, “It was obvious that spiritual warfare took place before. We become overwhelmed by the enormity of the assignment and turn inward to focus on our skills set. But it was evident to me that the preacher took her own words seriously: she waited for it. She waited for the Holy Spirit to do His work in her.” Her ministry gave “unmistakable” evidence of “God’s handiwork,” said Jesse Wilson, director of the Pastoral Evangelism and Leadership Council [PELC], a ministerial training program that meets annually at Oakwood University.

“The Holy Spirit showed up and took us by surprise.”

The results were spiritually stunning. “Pastor Tricia disrupted everything,” one attendee said; “The Holy Spirit showed up and took us by surprise.” Pastor Wynne-Payne herself, a trained physical therapist who left her nets in response to God’s call to pastoral ministry, says that she is still processing what happened yesterday. The message and worship experience so disrupted the proceedings that organizers spontaneously invited those who were interested to gather in one of the meeting rooms to pray. The next meeting scheduled for that room was long delayed as the prayer session continued for more than an hour. One after another, with no pause between prayers, pastors, administrators, and lay people lifted their voices and hearts to God in confession of sin, surrender to the Spirit’s will, and pleas for His anointing in their lives as well as His church’s program here on earth at the end of time.

As Elder Jones made final remarks and the solemn yet thrilling spiritual experience drew to its close, someone offered a comment that was pregnant with allusion to the historical experience that inspired Pastor Wynn-Payne’s sermon [see Acts 1:15]: he had counted the number of people in the room—not a straightforward task, since people were crowded in against the walls and squeezed into corners. Nevertheless, he wanted it to be known that about 120 individuals had been praying in the room.    

Adventist Review December 8 2016 by Lael Caesar 

Here we see the "Holy Spirit" if it is, make itself known, if it was makes one wonder why would the Holy Spirit contradict itself? We have had the GC Session a little more than a year ago where the Holy Spirit told us we are not to have female pastors. This has now been said in 3 sessions, are the church hard of hearing God's will? As it says in revelation:

Rev 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

To me that says that there will be a false out pouring of the Holy Spirit. Like the story of Elijah on Mount Carmel where God set fire to the altar dedicated to Him. We will see fire in our time and it will not be on God's altar.  


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Regarding two camps: my father had emphazema and required oxygen and 24 seven care. My mother did the daytime care and I did the nighttime care, without pay for several years. I also took care of my mother when she got Alzheimer's and I was alone, and had to fight family member and his wife in court who was attempting to get my mother out of her house into care facility to get the money.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of evil that was brought to bear that I had to deal with.

Regarding Holy Spirit: it is not confusion or crazy or demonic.
You Jason obviously have no understanding or experience of how the Holy Spirit works?
The apostle Paul said "I thank my God I speak in tongues more than ye all," "Forbid not to speak in tongues," "let him that speaks in tongues pray that he may interpret,"
"For he that speaketh in tongues speaketh not unto men but onto God, for no man understandeth, for no man understandeth, howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries (musterion: divine secrets),""I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied..." (prophesy is ultimate goal: read context).

Whole books could be written on this subject, so how can I explain to you when you want to remain ignorant, as Paul said, "if any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of The Lord. But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant." Covet to prophesy etc...

Do you still hold to your errors Mr. Jason? You are judging without understanding or knowledge or experience. You like some others bring out the demon-counterfeit-Kundalini Spirit accusation without evidence. That is exactly what the Pharisees did to Jesus and Paul. If there is a counterfeit spirit, there must also be a genuine spirit of God, otherwise there would be no need for a counterfeit. But spiritual things are spiritually discerned. You do err, not knowing the spirit of God nor hearing His voice, nor understanding the scriptures regarding these matters. You have your opinion, but why do you reject whole sections of scriptures?

You need to become meek and seek the truth about these matters, you are snug and set in your ways, thinking exacrly like the Pharisees did, not having the spirit of God in manifestation. That does not mean you don't have the spirit of God, bu
Computer locked up except I could save only, thus "bu" at the end, I couldn't backspace.

It didn't take long for mockers to mock. Will you mock Paul, Jesus, the Holy Spirit? You already have.
Paul talked about his coming in the power of the Holy Spirit. Those that haven't rode a bike think they know more than someone riding a bike for 41 years. By the way, I am still learning and do not know nor profess to know it all, what about you?

What qualifies you to speak on these matters? What experiences and insights do you have? Have you manifested any of the nine manifestations of Holy Spirit? Have people attempted to kill you many times, who are demon run? Have you healed the sick or prophesied by the spirit of God, have you researched for four decades the Bible, the Holy Spirit field?

Have you spoken and it came to pass, have you cast out demons, have you listened to the voice of The Lord and obeyed? Have you run a fellowship? What knowledge do you actually have, other then repeating what you have been taught by teachers who have never manifested Holy Spirit either, which is true for the most part of Christianity throughout history.

All spiritual things according to you are of the Devil, it appears, because you cannot discern spirits and know the difference, because to know the difference, one must know the genuine. You walk in darkness and ignorance, mocking those things you know nothing about, as you have not even been taught the basics, and have no experience in the Holy Spirit, you therefore attack those that do.

You do not even "occupy the room of the unlearned." I Corinthians 14:16. At that time new believers were taught the basics, in the room of the unlearned, so they would start to understand spiritual things, as God does not want us to be ignorant as Paul said!

Your questions prove your ignorance, but you are not looking for the truth, as you are not meek in the area of Holy Spirit and how the genuine and counterfeit work. You have not spent the time and effort that I have for 41 years. If you were seeking the truth youwould be seeking someone to teach you the basics in the room of the unlearned, but you know better than Jesus, Paul, and God Himself.
Raymond, I appreciate your comment that recognize me as a believer, though you have questions or doubts, you at least do not attack as Jason does. When I first heard about tongues 41 years ago, I was totally ignorant, and said "what's this tongues stuff, I just want to learn the Bible."

Being ignorant is no sin, remaining ignorant in the face of those that know is. I have studied with those who know more than I do, in the Bible, in the Holy Spirit, in law, in history, in art and art conservation. Most of those were believers who taught me, to which I am very thankful for the understanding I was able to gain from them.

I will be quite honest James.  You missed the point of what I was saying and that  loud, clanging and with much repetition, long winded prayers are not the way to win people to Jesus. We do not scare devils by screaming gibberish.  Do we get Gods attention like the heathen witch-doctors do by speaking gibberish.  Much years of  service while commendable will not get us to heaven Gods grace is not earned but an un-merited gift given.  

Service to the Lord may mean cleaning soiled bed sheets and reverent prayer from the heart. It may mean difficult heart wrenching work that no one ever sees except the Lord and faith that we may not see reward in this life. 

I have witnessed speaking in tongues while meeting with a large group of Christians from all over the world who all spoke different languages.  It was quiet and reverent and not till after the meeting did we realize that we had all understood those who were speaking.

I know first hand having grown up in Charismatic churches that many people fake speaking in tongues or worse.   People screaming and falling is what Jesus saved people from not something that needs to be attained to show how much "filling of the Spirit" we got.  Some of this stuff is pure paganism and not from the Bible.  Everyone has heard of Voodoo which is Catholicism mixed with spiritism.  Few know that in North America there is Hoodoo which is Protestetism mixed with spiritism and is practiced in the Southern United States.  Much of the dancing and shouting with repetition looks the same.  Ivor Myers has pointed this out many times when he has talked about music, drums and beats.



I have to shout above now though to try to communicate to you. I don't know what you saw, heard, etc., but that is not my experience. I do not fake tongues, tongues with interpretation, or prophesy. It is ALWAYS DONE DECENTLY AND IN ORDER, ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE AND IS ALWAYS EDIFYING, EXHORTATION, AND COMFORT, OR A COMBINATION OF THE ABOVE.

Yes, there are many counterfeits out there. I do not know the diversity of languages that I speak, occasionally I may recognize French, or some guttural African or Pacific Islander type language. Neither do I make up the interpretation or prophesies in English, as I do not know what is said until it is said, which means I must do the speaking, but tongues, tongues with interpretation and prophesy all by-pass the part of the brain that we use to form words by thinking, which agrees with scriptures as the term speaking used in Greek in association with speaking in tongues, is the Greek Word Laleo which means "to speak with out reference to the words spoken." E.W. Bullinger, Companiion Bible.

This is not "possession, or loss of control, as I or anyone else doing these operations of the holy spirit, have to voluntarily cooperate with the holy spirit and open the moth, breath, move lips, vocal chords and the words flow out as they are not the believer's words but what the spirit of The Lord gives spontaneously to the individual as speaking, for edification, exhortation and comfort, and is profitable, to profit withal (beneficial).

Whatever you experienced, I was not witness to, cannot state whether is was genuine tongues or not, but doesn't sound that it was. I have been doing this for 41 years, which I would not do unless it was good and profitable, I am not stupid.

No wonder we no longer see much of the Book of Acts, with believers who are afraid and ignorant of how the true spirit of God works. Do not go on about counterfeits, as one who has not manifested the true spirit of God, cannot judge, and most Christians, even so called Pentecostals are ignorant about a lot of things and often are a mixture of genuine and counterfeit spiritual operations going on either in the individual or the whole proceedings taking place.

I have NEVER participated in counterfeit operations of the holy spirit or witnessed it personally, except for two occasions which I witnessed, see below; I have been very fortunate to have experienced only genuine holy spirit operations in the groups that I attended by those professing to bring forth speaking in tongues and interpretation and prophesy etc.

The two exceptions were 1. People in a private house "church" a friend took me to decades ago, where people were singing Jesus songs, the same ones, over and over again in a demonic stoned state. My friend and I left both recognizing the counterfeit.

2. A person speaking in tongues out loud in a church who was the mother of the Pastor. This was out of order, as well as sometimes the Pastor will speak in tongues in very low volume, without interpretation which is also out of order. Otherwise, he ran a very good service and teaching. I presume the Pastor didn't want to correct his own mother?

You have probably not witnessed the genuine spirit of God. Do you actually think that there is no genuine tongues, tongues with interpretation and prophesy spoken on the earth, at this time? So is God's spirit and the gift of holy spirit that He gives believers is not operating, dead and God is out of business?

Please search the Bible and see why the gift of tongues was given. Was it always given when the disciples received the Holy Spirit? Was it given when the disciples present spoke various languages? Was it given to show off your gift in the church? Was it given to impress others? Was it babbling gibberish? Were they demon possessed or demon harassed?

Act 4:31 And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.

Why wasn't the gift of tongues given here?
Many persons will be eternally lost because they trusted in self.

Thus says the LORD, "Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the LORD. Jeremiah 17:5

I'm curious, what exactly was the call to action that this " Holy Spirit" called these people to do? The article was very vague and confusing. I know the Spirit does point out sin in our lives, but it also calls people to do something for the Lord like at Pentecost. I am having a hard time excepting this as an authentic Holy Spirit experience due to the confusion and frankly, it just doesn't sound right. The experience they had seems more like signs and wonders and spiritual formation at work, especially with the lead pastor being a woman at the helm. We have to be very careful these days about which spirit we are actually following and also that it is in accordance with thus saith the Lord. 

Thanks for your post Ross and you are quite right what we see here is the false outpouring of the spirit and  as it seems so many are taken in by it. It is a sad evidence of somes relationship to the Holy Spirit and God that they can not see the difference. If you read the post of Rush below you will see that. 

Impression by God's Word, Not Feeling--It is through the Word--not feeling, not excitement-- that we want to influence the people to obey the truth. On the platform of God's Word we can stand with safety. The living Word is replete with evidence, and a wonderful power accompanies its proclamation in our world.--3SM 375. {VSS 290.1}

Emotional Preaching--If the preaching is of an emotional character, it will affect the feelings, but not the heart and conscience. Such preaching results in no lasting good, but it often wins the hearts of the people and calls out their affections for the man who pleases them. They forget that God has said: "Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils."--5T 301. {VSS 290.2}

Trust in God, Not Man--I am pained beyond measure to see the little discernment existing among our people who have had so great light. They listen to a sermon that stirs their emotions, and the language of their hearts is, "Evermore give us the ministry of this man; he moves our hearts, he makes us feel." They forget God, and praise and exalt the man, to his injury and the injury of their own souls . When will those who claim to believe the truth cease from man whose breath is in his nostrils? When will they trust in God, make Him just what He is--all and in all?--Lt 8, 1889. {VSS 290.3}

Anytime anyone talks about the manifestations of holy spirit, even genuine operations, SDA and Baptist types always bring out the same old stereotypes of feelings, and overly excitement. 

It doesn't appear that the meeting that started this thread was really of any great substance of the holy spirit, according to the description, but I wasn't there. You rush4hire, are right about lack of discernment by SDA, as well as most Christians.

God is for the most part out of business in most denominational "churches." We see no or very little genuine power of the holy spirit in the churches, plenty of Kundalini Devil spirit operations. Anyone who professes any manifestations of the holy spirit, (as listed in the scriptures and documented 7 manifestations of holy spirit in the Old testament and 9, two more added by God, speaking in tongues and tongues with interpretation in the New Testament), are immediately branded counterfeit, of the Devil, assumed to be overcome with excitement, operating only in a crazy manner in feelings etc.

I never experienced those counterfeit stuff personally, in 41 years.

Go ahead, make judgments and accusations without evidence, or witnessing of what I have done in 41 years.

Your all afraid of the Holy Spirit. Overly afraid of the counterfeit that you will never allow any spiritual manifestations to work in you to will and to do of God's good pleasure. What do you think Jesus will say at his return. Why is it you never trusted the spirit and did the works of God by the spirit of God? You never even attempted to heal others, to prophesy, to hear my voice, to etc. etc.

I have many SDA friends, I like them, except for the lack of faith in the spirit of God and its manifestations, which also goes for most of Christianity. Very sad commentary on the Apostasy state of the churches, and many non-denominational groups. it is easier to find the counterfeit then the genuine.

Devil is having a field day. Steal, kill, and destroy, thats his ministry. Enjoy it, go ahead...don't dare do anything "spiritual" about it! 


Get real, hang it up, stop kidding yourselves that you are doing God's will. Just compare the Book of Acts to what you and your church group is doing? No signs, miracles, or gifts of healing, no prophecy, no speaking in tongues, interpretation, no or little revelation, and don't dare to listen and hear the voice of the Lord, according to Paster T, that means your mentally ill, along with Jesus, Paul, and all the other prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors and teachers in the Bible. Give it up, get honest and realize your not really believing God for His spirit to work in you. GET HONEST. Stop lying to yourself and others. 


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