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I would like to ask, Is the Holy Spirit has body or form or image like the Father and the Son? May GOD bless us to know the truth about the question.

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Hello friends I have been looking into this topic and I stumbled up on a passage in the desire of ages that might shed some light on the matter. Please read page 805 paragraph 2 and 3 that will help.

Well, it was a mystery.
Not as much today.

The early Adventists were materialists.

They believed that everything in the universe is physical.

The everywhere, floating essence we associate with "Spirit", is a Greek concept.

She said, the Holy Spirit is a person as much as God is a person.

There are a few quotes worth seeing.

There is a book too.
See book in "Files" section on Facebook Group: "Adventist Online FB".

Like Christ says, the Holy Spirit is like the wind, its everywhere, and at His baptism, it took the form of a dove.


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