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I have been hearing a lot lately of Christians, mostly Adventists, who are refusing to watch the new American Idol due to the inclusion of Ellen DeGeneres - a gay woman.

This puzzles me, so those who oppose her participation were OK when the panel was, still is, made up of fornicators? The show has had numerous gay contestants, Adam Lambert being the most recent one. Those did not matter but now there is a lesbian woman those people will boycott the show?

Myself personally I do not watch the show - it just doesn't interest me, but should we judge such people in such ways?

Now here is where many will bring up Sodom and Gamorrah as examples of Gods intolerance for homosexuality but I will remind you that not only was their sin that of homosexuality but something else. Many times I hear the story told of those cities when homosexuality is rebuked but the other sin is hardly mentioned - that being rape. The men of the city not only wanted to have sex with the stranger, angels, they were not giving the men, angels, the choice - they would force them, rape them.

Here are my thoughts on the topic of homosexuality - it is merely another sin, just like lying, murdering. A child born with a deformity such as a missing hand of whatever is no different than the true homosexual. Both are born with a body that has been deformed due to the influence of sin.

Now I am not speaking of those who choose to be gay - I truly believe some are really born with the desire for the same sex, not in a perverse sense such as Sodomites, but more so that it is their real nature - yes in other words a man born into a womans body and vice versa.

This is a rather new concept for me, I was one of those " gays are going to hell" types but recently this issue has been bothering me more and more - we are all born into a sinful nature, those born as homosexuals are merely another manifestation of sin.

I like Ellen DeGeneres - her comedy is clean and actually funny. She does not parade around like a lot of gays do, in other words she has some class.

But that aside - how should we interact with ones like Ellen or others?

If they are truly born this way the idea they can merely change would be almost the same as saying a heterosexual should just love the same sex - could you?

We know he cliche's about how God is against the homosexuals but they are also His children - how should we interact with them, if at all?

Gods peace

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Certainly Jesus came to save us from our sins. All christians that I know of believe this. But all christians that I know of ... fail to allow him to do that. Thus, they need his robe. Christ died for sinners such as me. If I am not a sinner ... I can't come to him.

Yes. Homosexuality is a sin and our church speaks loudly against this and rightly so. But like all sins ... some will fail that this. And Homosexuality is not the unpardonable sin. If they come to Christ and repent ... He will in no wise cast them out.

Praise God for His Grace and kindness towards us sinners.
I think instead of assuming a lot of (painfully wrong) things about homosexuals, maybe you should all try talking to some of them.
The WHY is because we live in a world corrupted by sin, which affects ALL of us and ALL of us are guilty so pointing fingers at a group of people and telling them it's THEIR fault for being born into a sinful world so THEY had better get fixed or you will not accept them is NOT RIGHT.
Well ... we must all realize that each of us are sinners and have been since the time in the womb:

Isaiah 48:8 "Yea, thou heardest not; yea, thou knewest not; yea, from that time [that] thine ear was not opened: for I knew that thou wouldest deal very treacherously, and wast called a transgressor from the womb."

All are sinners. I don't find my sins any less than the next person.
the bible is very clear in what it says. homosexuality is a sin. God hates the sin but loves the sinner. if we are professing to be like him then we love them unconditonaly like God does. we don't have to accept their lifestlye. over the yrs i have worked with a few gay men and until last year a gay lady. it was no diferent from working wiv heterosexuals. if anything we have a duty to treat them no diferntly then we wud want to be treated. wot kind of christain wud we be if we showed outward offence at the lifestyle? wudnt talk to them? sit at the same dinner table? be in the same room as them? we are all sinners. dont get me wrong, one of the guys used to send chain emails which were fine. but a few times i had to pull him up and say that i didnt want to hear or read abt sum of the kind of stuff he sent me. but who gave me the tightest bear hugs wen i left that place of work? he did.
Excellent post. Thank you Naome.
Well said Naome! After all didn't Jesus hang with the lepers (not comparing homosexuals to lepers). I'm wondering to the people who think it's ok to not hang out with homosexuals, how are they going to learn about the love of God when you cold be their only opportunity to find out.
Great post Gabriel! I feel many forget that Jesus did hang with sinners, and didn't say "Ewww get away from me, I'm too good to talk to you."
I don't watch American Idle. Adventists spend too much time watching television in the first place.

Before we get started on homosexuality, why not take care of other issues church members have to overcome, like adultery, child abuse, spousal abuse, and the other dirty little secrets that we don't want to talk about. Homosexuality is just one issue that divides us, in spite of what the bible teaches. It is good to pick on the gay community, but no one wants to protect the children or the battered spouses or the............... Yeah. We got more important issues to deal with. Homosexuality is just a mote. We got too many 2x4s sticking out of our own eyes.If we expect gays and lesbians to repent of their sins, then we got to set the example and repent of our sins first. It is called "lead by example."
It is one of the most depressing things I see in this whole debate when truth loving Christians are told that they "hate" because they point out that homosexuality is a sin. As far as I am concerned it is those who tell someone who is engaging in homosexual acts that they will still be saved who really hate. To tell someone that something they are doing, which God clearly condemns, is OK and as a result leading them to eternal death is hate of the highest order.
I LOVE these people enough to share the truth with them because I want to see them attain eternal life! In fact, I would be honoured to have a homosexual as my roommate in heaven because it would demonstrate that they had accepted truth over urges and were a precious child of God for eternity.
Who really hates? Someone who loves them enough to tell them the truth because they want to see them saved or someone who tells them a lie to be politically correct and leads them eternal death? I think the answer should be obvious.
This in no way implies that we turn a blind eye to the other stuff that is going on. In fact, I presented a sermon on that very topic when the same-sex marriage issue came up here in Canada. It was an affirmation to those who were standing for the Biblical truth about homosexuality but then challenging them as to where they were when other issues came up such as no-fault divorce and abortion. Where are they when someone is engaged in adultery or lying, or stealing? Why do we seem to place a higher "sin factor" on homosexuality?
We need to either stand up for truth regardless of the issue or keep quiet. To do anything else is just hypocrisy.

God bless,

Pastor Bob
Exactly the reason I started this thread Pastor Bob - I see people placing homosexuality on THE highest level all the while turning a blind eye to youth participating in Halloween, saying nothing of the ones who are openly fornicating etc...

I think we need to learn to really love the homosexuals and honestly try and reach them but always remembering this - their issues may not only be physical but more so mental and as such we need to be careful - especially when the world is telling them they are merely alternative and not sinning.

Gods peace
never thought of it that way b4. i enjoyed readin your post


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