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I have been hearing a lot lately of Christians, mostly Adventists, who are refusing to watch the new American Idol due to the inclusion of Ellen DeGeneres - a gay woman.

This puzzles me, so those who oppose her participation were OK when the panel was, still is, made up of fornicators? The show has had numerous gay contestants, Adam Lambert being the most recent one. Those did not matter but now there is a lesbian woman those people will boycott the show?

Myself personally I do not watch the show - it just doesn't interest me, but should we judge such people in such ways?

Now here is where many will bring up Sodom and Gamorrah as examples of Gods intolerance for homosexuality but I will remind you that not only was their sin that of homosexuality but something else. Many times I hear the story told of those cities when homosexuality is rebuked but the other sin is hardly mentioned - that being rape. The men of the city not only wanted to have sex with the stranger, angels, they were not giving the men, angels, the choice - they would force them, rape them.

Here are my thoughts on the topic of homosexuality - it is merely another sin, just like lying, murdering. A child born with a deformity such as a missing hand of whatever is no different than the true homosexual. Both are born with a body that has been deformed due to the influence of sin.

Now I am not speaking of those who choose to be gay - I truly believe some are really born with the desire for the same sex, not in a perverse sense such as Sodomites, but more so that it is their real nature - yes in other words a man born into a womans body and vice versa.

This is a rather new concept for me, I was one of those " gays are going to hell" types but recently this issue has been bothering me more and more - we are all born into a sinful nature, those born as homosexuals are merely another manifestation of sin.

I like Ellen DeGeneres - her comedy is clean and actually funny. She does not parade around like a lot of gays do, in other words she has some class.

But that aside - how should we interact with ones like Ellen or others?

If they are truly born this way the idea they can merely change would be almost the same as saying a heterosexual should just love the same sex - could you?

We know he cliche's about how God is against the homosexuals but they are also His children - how should we interact with them, if at all?

Gods peace

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Good post Ron.
Atul - the Lord was speaking of sins acted out by the parents of the man. The disciples were asking if the parents had done some form of a sin that caused this man to be deformed - Jesus said no there was no sin necessarily acted out by the parents that caused his situation.

When a child is born with a deformity what causes that Atul? God created us all perfect right? God created us to not be born with any defect right? Yet, here we are 6000 years later with all kinds of deformed children, retarded children and still born children being born every single day in this world - the disobedience of Adam and Eve introduced SIN and from that moment forth the human body, human nature went south - from that moment forth humans were born with deformities and began to die.

One form of that fallen nature is being born with a homosexual nature, for some. Yes there are people who CHOOSE to have sex with the same sex - those people are perverted because they choose to be, I am not speaking of those - Maybe with some Psychiatric help those born as homosexuals could become heterosexuals, maybe not. I don't know what the "cure" is but I know that God loves them and desires them to be with Him in the Kingdom - Maybe the "cure" can be found by our obeying Gods commandment " love thy neighbor as thyself" ?

Atul maybe you dont mean to sound this way but you sound hateful - I know you hate the sin of homosexuality, be careful that hatred does not target the person.

Gods peace
You seem very certain of things you know nothing about. I wouldn't be so quick to judge.

HOMOSEXUALITY is not by birth. Homosexuality is a lustful act.

Case in point. Have you ever even spoken to one?
I am certain that you don't know what you're talking about. I think I'm allowed to say that. Obviously you have no homosexual friends. Do you have any friends? Do they hate homosexuals as much as you do?
Do you realize how hateful your ridiculous comments would sound to a homosexual? The Bible barely even mentions homosexuality specifically but I'm pretty sure that JESUS didn't judge the adulterous woman, so you have absolutely no right to!
"I have been hearing a lot lately of Christians, mostly Adventists, who are refusing to watch the new American Idol"

I am not sure why anyone would want to watch American Idol with or without Ellen. That being said ... I do also very much agree with the thoughts of Vincenzo. We need to personally interact with them. I just would not give up my valuable time for a TV show like this. But I would converse with her if I met her on the street.
I agree...God can do anything. BUT...I don't necessarily think that all people who struggle with homosexuality will be changed by God in this lifetime. And I don't think we can judge them based on whether or not they have been successfully 'changed' to straight. A homosexual person who is still tempted by and attracted to those of the same gender probably CAN gain victory over his/her actions (with God's help)...but that doesn't mean his homosexual attractions will be magically erased by God in this life. They may be...but they may not be.

Few of us will have all our temptations taken away in this life...NONE of us will reach sinlessness in this life. There may very well be some homosexual individuals who are transformed, but that doesn't mean all will be. So in the meantime, there is no point in judgement. Our job is not to convince people of their need to CHANGE, but to show them Christ. Christ should be the change agent.
You know I can really agree with this. I remember a girl from school she was a lesbian who got saved and claims she is no longer a lesbian, well now she is pregnant by a guy out of wedlock. So to me it seems like she traded in one sin for another.
Adina. Well stated. How true. If only more of us realized this. We would then stop judging our fellow Christians. Good Post. Thank you so much for speaking out.

Our prophet states clearly that there is no excuse for sin. This is obviously true. For all the resources of Heaven are available for us to overcome. But the thing is ... WE Don't. ANd praise God for his mercy. As you indicated ... there are no perfect human beings walking around. But IN CHRIST ... we are accounted as perfect in Him.

1 John 3:2 "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is."
Now that's a different spin on it.
Exactly my point in this discussion Teresa - we need to better understand that homosexuality in some cases in nothing more than another state of sinful human nature, as with lying and such. Sadly many Christians just want to say that these people want to be that way when that is not necessarily true - this explains why many homosexuals commit suicide.

When looking at ones such as Ellen I see that she does a lot of good things for people she does not even know. She is not a potty mouth like a lot of comedians, she is not a person that seems hateful - but she IS a lesbian and she is a practicing one, that lifestyle IS a sin that she will be judged on - as will any of us who practice sin.

The issue is not whether she will be judged though, we know she will, the issue is how are we to interact with such people. Should we be insulting them or hateful? Should we not watch shows that have them on it? Perhaps we should as you said better educate ourselves and not be ignorant that of why they are homosexual.

Gods peace


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