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Hi, does anyone have any comments, thoughts, proof, as to whether it is wrong or not to ride your horse on the Sabbath?

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I believe our horses really enjoy riding. They are not hooked up to a plow and made to work!


can we ride a giant hog?

how about a camel?

or a purple and orange zebra?

or how about a parade float!

its motorized!

is it a sin on the sabbath to hitch a train to CRAZY TOWN? :P


u mean  my friend that no body sees? :P

if i brought my  the diamond encrusted mirror that should do it for the conductor

he will see both of us

really don't know what crazy town is

Hi, does anyone have any comments, thoughts, proof, as to whether it is wrong or not to drive your car on the Sabbath?

I believe that we can do either !

if it's not work

or selfish pleasure


I believe our orthodox Jewish friends do not drive their cars on the Sabbath.


Their reason is:

One of the specific tasks forbidden on the  Sabbath is the lighting of fires.


In the internal combustion engine that powers your car, a tiny fire is being lit every time the pistons go up & down. Thus you are violating the Sabbath hundreds or thousands of times every minute.


I think they prefer to walk everywhere on the Sabbath. But only to a specified distance.


I'm sure if we applied ourselves, we could come up with more detailed and convoluted rules about what is proper on Sabbath. We're just not trying hard enough!


You posted this so you must want the attention so here it goes.  You have to catch the horse. You bridle the horse. You brush the horse before you saddle the horse.  You may lift his feet and check or clean them.  You ride the horse. You cool the horse down if he needs it.  You remove saddle and brush and then put the animal back and tend to its needs.   Work?

Did you ask the horse what it thoughts were on this?


ha ha that's funny

:) funny


Yes, and my horse says he loves it!


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