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Hi, does anyone have any comments, thoughts, proof, as to whether it is wrong or not to ride your horse on the Sabbath?

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I didn't get nasty.. Twister and the like are things she said she was ok with, so I was making no false premise..

Also, It's not wrong to get frustrated when people are twisting an issue with a paraphrased text that makes it say something else, instead of addressing it directly, and decide not to talk to them any more on it..

It rely blows my mind that based on your posts you seem to think me belittling when she is saying things like "you are young and have an old head You poor soul!"..  So I guess that kind of thing is only ok if it's for people who agree with you.. And at no point was I hateful.. 

I apologize if I offended anyone, but that was not my intention..

Also, not one person on this site, this church or anywhere else are perfect.. And if you expect that it is just unreasonable..

BTW.. The when I am passionate my autism can at times make me come off in a completely different way than intended.. So you may as well be asking someone with tourette's syndrome not to cuss after staring in to a strobe light...

So if anyone here has been hateful it is you for insulting the mentally disabled, because of their disability. (Though I am sure you didn't realize it, and I have already forgiven the action.)

So, if you do all those things with your children on Sabbath, why do you see that riding your horse out in God's nature and feeling close to Him is wrong? If you are quoting text where it says you are not to do thine own pleasure on the Sabbath, don't you call having fun with your kids doing your own pleasure?

I didn't' say it was for or against it as a solid stance, but gave my thoughts.... We were discussing the concept, which I was not sure on, since we are just as capable of exploring and observing nature on our own two feet instead of needlessly burdening the horse..

It branched out in to a whole nother conversation.. We have had many disagreements on Sabbath keeping.. For example she stated in another thread that she thinks it is ok to go to a restaurant and buy fast food on Sabbath.. That kind of thing was the root of it.. 

As for horses I think that is a personal conviction issue.. 

I too, Real Soul Shaker, feel close to God when out in His nature. I'm not out running a race or betting at a track.

I believe if you really want to find God, look to the beautiful nature that HE created.

Amen, Benicio

You are welcome!

AMEN to that my friend Benicio. I truly believe that many SDA's get hung up on theories and really miss out on a REAL relationship with God.  They make everything such a burden and I find that very very sad. I was brought up and raised a SDA and have seen many many "SADVENTIST'S" in my time. They don't have time to have a real spiritual relationship with their creator because their judging and burdensome life gets in their way.


very very sad!

I am still wondering why its not sinking into their heads..

This has to be one of the most insignificant posts ive seen on here. NO ONE is going to hell for riding a horse on the Sabbath!!!! This stuff is straight out of Pharisees 101!!! Are you guys serious???? Cmon man. Dont be distracted by the teeny weeny insignificant stuff as those in Christs' time were! The little horn is waxing powerful and you guys are worried about riding horses on the Sabbath???? LOL *DEAD*

carl many are going to be lost for listening to the wrong music!!  Satan is taking over the minds of the youth through music. 

Many are going to be lost for posting on the wrong topic :) j/k

This pretty much should end this entire thread. Titus 3:9 "But avoid foolish DEBATES, genealogies, quarrels, and disputes about the LAW, for they are unprofitable and worthless."


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