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Hi, does anyone have any comments, thoughts, proof, as to whether it is wrong or not to ride your horse on the Sabbath?

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it should,

dare you rebuttal the Word of God? ok Samson...go ahead...lets hear you respond to that passage...

well, if they wont hear the words of Moses and the prophets, then one coming from the dead will do no good!!!!

so you are making a lame attempt at answering imperfect old me, who died of laughter... rather than responding to the bulky powerful Word of the Living God. Good move, I would have totally avoided the passage, too ;)

no, it compliments what you said.....

I really enjoyed this thread, made me laugh. . . . .(on the Sabbath.) lol

To me a horse is ELOHIM creature that is to be enjoyed on the Sabbath. I think a ride a horse is better than bikes that other make excuse to ride. The Sabbath is a happy day to enjoy nature a bike is not a horse is.

My husband received $100,000 worth or training from the US government in the Hebrew language, and I use his knowledge. So when you said you were just "keeping up with the times" or "Some of us are just more advanced in that understanding than others."and I am not, were you claiming to have more knowledge than an expert trusted by our government at the highest levels?

And actually now that I think of it that $100,000 was just for the SCI top secret clearance he had to have to even get the training.. You can't even walk threw the doors of that school without having almost the same level clearance as the president him self.. That being said I think our knowledge of Hebrew is "up with the times".

Those were excuses for politicians to spend money and we both know it.. Also, I don't think giving someone the same official level of clearance as the president is exactly a toilet seat.

You keep insulting my husband and country.. It's usually the case with those who have nothing solid to debate with.. That being said I think I've proved my point, and at this point talking to you any further would be a waste of my time..  

Both.. Biblical Hebrew is an ingrained part of there culture, and the reason my husband signed on for the training.. in order to blend in to that part of the world you need a deep knowledge of both..

Their faith is their life.. Shows how little you actually know.. Likely because tourists aren't allowed to attend synagogue service... Also, they didn't spend thousands of dollars to teach him how to blend in around, just poor & middle class people.. 

Now as I said.. you in your previous response insulted, my husband and my country.. 

Now you have falsely accused me of lying.. That being said I am shaking the dust off my feet.. I will not respond to you any longer.. I do not waste my time.


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