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The beaches are opening...
The stores and restuarants are opening...
The offices are planning their opening back up and getting business running..
The states are opening back up....
So what do we need to do and set up so we can eat, work, play, and socialize at a normal level, even if a new normal 

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Here is some surprising news, it looks like they made a breakthrough on the vaccines, there are 3 vaccines that look promising...

"On May 18, US biotech firm Moderna revealed the first data from a human trial: its COVID-19 vaccine triggered an immune response in people, and protected mice from lung infections with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The results — which the company, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, announced in a press release — were widely interpreted as positive and sent stock prices surging. But some scientists say that because the data haven’t been published, they lack the details needed to properly evaluate those claims.

Tests of other fast-tracked vaccines show that they have prevented infections in the lungs of monkeys exposed to SARS-CoV-2 — but not in some other parts of the body. One — a vaccine being developed at the University of Oxford, UK, that is also in human trials — protected six monkeys from pneumonia, but the animals’ noses harboured as much virus as did those of unvaccinated monkeys, researchers reported last week in a bioRxiv preprint. A Chinese group reported similar caveats about its own vaccine’s early animal tests this month.

Despite uncertainties, all three teams are pressing ahead with clinical trials. These early studies are meant mainly to test safety, but larger clinical trials designed to determine whether the vaccines can actually protect humans from COVID-19 could report in the next few months."....Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Have Delivered Their First Results—But T...

I was working at a school the past year and was blessed by God by it in many ways with a better place to stay and some items for the home and my own possible business I have been needing. God also miraculously relocated me to Chattanooga. It was really miracle after miracle that brought me here from Greenville, SC last year. However, when I arrived here last summer I hated it.  Chattanooga is a much larger city than Greenville and not as attractive as Greenville. It is also closer to Atlanta. I felt a bit vexed being here like Lot in Sodom. There is just more crime, more sin, and more blight.

It reminded me a lot of my hometown of Detroit, except for the hills and mountains. Also, the teaching job was so intense and demanding. I had time to do nothing but work. My mom and I both caught a terrible flu/pneumonia  this past November. I even went to work ill that last day before Thanksgiving break so I would not be penalized and lose a payday. Big mistake. I felt like mud and then my mom ended up going to the hospital with pneumonia that weekend. She was very bad off. But God spared her and healed us both. Praise the Lord!

Things finally went back to normal. Work was still challenging and then in March we all got sent home to teach online due to covid19. Last weekend.  I was thinking about how can I balance the demand for teaching at my school, with home life, prayer, and study when regular classes resume in the fall. Well, this week I was unexpectedly let go of my job and told my contract would not be renewed in the fall. It was a bit of a surprise and kind of depressing.  But with each passing day, I am content and believe God loosed me from that obligation and has something better planned. I  think he is going to answer the prayer to pull me out of the city into the nearby country hills of Tennessee or Georgia. With all the proposed CDC changes coming to schools in the fall due to the pandemic I now believe work would have been a nightmare. So, I am hoping to use this time to work on my skills and apply for teaching or remote work that I can do in a rural area. I think this may be the time to leave the cities before something worse comes along. Thank you Jesus!

I believe republicans and democrats, many of them are all on the same team, and others are sincere but simply have no answers or are deceived. None of them have a way of fixing these problems. Only Jesus can fix it. This pandemic makes me long to be away from the cities, long to be righteous,  and long for Jesus more, and maybe that is why God allowed this to happen for all of us during this time.

Yes listen tot he wake up call, get out of the cities, as Bible and SOP say.

Richard, you making a wrong assessment about the global fear.

Read and listen to a real doctor, Cameron Kyle Stilene

In older vidoes he says this illness is NOT like pneumonia or flue, but more like high altitude sickness.

He saying its not a virus.

Stay away from vaccines, or at least get informed, do some reading.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Robert De Niro offer $100,000 to anyone who can prove vaccines are safe

World Mercury Project Chairman Mr Kennedy told the press conference that there was plenty of research saying that the chemicals in vaccines were unsafe, but none that said they were safe.

Pointing to piles of papers on a nearby table, he stated there were more than 240 studies on the toxicity of the mercury-based preservative thimerosal, more than 80 studies on the link between mercury and autism, but none that show thimerosal is safe.

Some links to get you started. No one has taken up this 100k challenge. Vaccines are unsafe. The COVID19 thing is not a illness caused by virus anyway. Listen to Cameron Kyle, get informed.


Brother Rob,

I planted my garden right away once you told me to do my garden now. and it has been fruitless except for green onion.  I weeded my garden early on with a fork and now nothing except the onions are growing.  What's up I'm not sure unless I uprooted the plants when I weeded. Don't know didn't think so.

Help if there are any gardeners out there that could give insight to what happened.  I live in sunny british columbia canada.

What plants have you planted?

I planted, Carrots, peas, lettuce, beans, green onions, and more peas.

This was the date I planted them. On or about April 20th, 2020.

Ok. Now it could be a number of factors ranging from the soil type, to pests and so in the soil itself. Also if the ground been getting lots of water or been really cold to freezing this can be the case. But it can also be you may have cut one or few of the roots of your plants when you been weeding around them. If you have been getting lots of sunlight in your area, then it can be the scorching of the sun in which you will need to ensure you properly water the plants on evening or early morning time.

It has grown good in the past same garden.

No pests that I have seen.

It hasn't been really cold and it is good soil it is in a raised bed.


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