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I have in-laws that hate God yet they go to the Adventist Church and have very high positions with the said church...  How do I live with unkind and ungracious people?   The answer might just be move out.

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I can't easily move out to another location because of financial constraints.  But God is good and Jesus is able to make a good situation out of a bad one.  

Also My wife & I have a lot of stuff to move although we are not pleased with lots of things we have still accumulated quite a bit of things in 3 years together.

My mother-in-law is Sabbath School Superintendent; Hostess, Head Deaconess, & my Father-in-law is Church Treasurer, Deacon, Pulpit preacher occasionally, and Greeter at the front entrance of the church.


Church Treasurer all the time.

You don't have to answer but, is your wife in agreement about moving? If yes then you have a prayer partner.  Ellen White gives counsel on being a distance away for young couples.

When I read this that was my first thought.  Prayers my friend, God can do anything. 

I can't easily move out to another location because of financial constraints.  But God is good and Jesus is able to make a good situation out of a bad one.  

We never know, God works in mysterious ways. Overcoming financial constraints or steadfast perseverance; when we listen to God's will we easily see the good in most situations or options God presents to us.  

Hopefully they don't treat you the way you described because they feel they have control over you due to those financial constraints.  If you stay or go I pray God grants you wisdom and a way to show them why their actions should be done out of grace and if not God always provides a way through it for the faithful.

Good thoughts and advice Rabbittroup. To Andrew I would suggest asking God what you should do and then listen for the answer. Just make sure it's God your listening to. My advice was based on what you had stated. God can make a way where there is no way.

My wife is in agreement we are looking for a place to move.  My business partners are trying to help with my business.  With Adventists we can do a lot with Jesus.  & that is what we are looking to do possibly sometime.  Because it is getting hot in here with all the dehymidifiers.

Enlighten the Cross,



1. It would seems as thou, on one hand, they hate God and on the other, they still want to know Him and to be save in His kingdom.

2. Sometimes God place these people in our lives to straighten us spiritually. 

3. Pray for them daily so, one day soon they will be converted.

4. Nothing would be wrong if you move out but, still love them-knowing that it is the devil that is working through them and never stop praying for them. 

I feel sorry for your position.  However, you are not alone.  This has been going on in a lot of places.  It has been predicted.  My conference refers to itself as 'Mother Church,' and other areas as 'Parishes'.  Does that sound creepily familiar.


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