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How do you raise kids Rob, when you have important jobs to do that take your focus and attention when kids demand so much attention??

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And we want to preserve kids from so much pain and sorrow and brokenness
They need our attention and love but that they practice Jesus’ presence always.

As a parent, having raised 5 kids, the important thing is to spend time with your kids, quality time, one on one face to face, making the love become real, emotional, physical and spiritual. Tell them you love them daily. Build up their self esteem. Teach them how Jesus talks back to them.

Ask yourself how many seconds during the day do I spend with Jesus, talking to Him and He talking back to me?

They say the average USA parent spends 18 seconds with their kids, face to face in proper communication.

That would be right, and about how long we spend with Jesus. So learn to increase the quality time spent in relationship. Do things together.



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