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How exactly will the sunday law prevent us from buying and selling if we don't accept it?

How exactly will the sunday law prevent us from buying and selling if we don't accept it? I know that if u tell your employer that you won't work on Saturday, then you'll get fired... but how will it prevent us from selling anything if it's not necessarily linked to money? if it is linked then how?

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Better yet, how are China, India and the billions of Muslims going to adopt the Sunday law? Jani the Sunday law is not a biblical concept, its is based on speculation and conjecture. It was created to separate SDA's from other faiths and confirm the idea that Christ was coming in the 19 century.


Here in the US they already prevent people from buying alcohol on sunday until after a certain time. It won't be that hard to prevent us from buying and selling considering most of us have ATM cards and bank accounts and the US can freeze bank accounts. Going to Leons question, the pope has already been talking to the muslim people and allowed them to worship in the vatican as well as with other christian leaders. Have you guys not heard the law makers already start discussing to make a law to make people go to church on sunday? Wait until this september when the pope will be speaking to congress. This will be the first time a church leader will be speaking to congress. Its time to wake up and start studying. 


You are suffering from illusory correlation. You are producing facts that are erroneous. There is no biblical proof for a Sunday law, and your paranoia about this event is unhealthy. The Pope has been given an invitation by speaker Boehner,  which will add to your paranoid rant. Yet, when no Sunday law proceeds the visit you will continue to rant.



I guess you haven't seen the law makers actually talk about a law to have americans go to church on sunday. I heard it myself from senators stating they are discussing it. It was last march. Don't be deceived. Leon are you adventist? There are already blue laws on the books that aren't being enforced at this time but i'm sure they will be. 

Yes well the US is secular. There are atheist in Gov, and Jews, and Muslims too.

Yes, and a Christian who fails to find any proof for the Sunday law in scripture. Scanning the news to find correlations for your theory is very close to paranoid ideation.


Do some research on Sunday Blue Laws, Leon.

i have and it doesnt meet scriptural criterion.

Yes Leon 

You are right The Bible has not one word that say Sunday. Have you ever thought about why that Bible do not say Sunday? 

Do you really think you can just sit back and kick of your shoes because the Bible does not say Sunday? 

Is it so hard to believe the scriptures? There will be a power which makes the whole world worship the beast. It doesn't say just those in Christian nations. It is the whole world. Muslims and Hindus are in the world. My Muslim friend actually sends his children to the mosque on Sunday. It will be no burden for the world to keep Sunday. The Bible says some receive the mark of the beast in their foreheads (willful belief) while others receive it in their hands (they tow the company line even if they don't like the company policies). The seal of God on the other hand can only be the forehead.

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.12And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.13

Thomas I wish there was a like button on here. I agree, thanks for explaining it better. 

If that is what it takes for an explanation, then my friend told me that he wasn't going to keep any other faith then his own so he attends church in the woods with the other doomsday preppers. A clear sign of the end.



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